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Chatham Lines is a locality/township of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. It lies just behind the historic Prayag railway station of Allahbad city. Prayag is famous from time immemorial for its Kumbh Mela. It is adjacent to the railway colony. A government polytechnic is situated near it. Nearly 36 plots of land were given in 1935 to eminent persons of Indian society, so they could live and prosper there. Many historians, Indian Civil Service officers and other eminent people built bungalows. One of the most renowned families of Yadav's lived there. Rai Bahadur Parmanand Ji was the most famous of these Yadav's. He was the Secretary of UP board for high school and intermediate education in the early 1940.Mr. Parmanand also held the posts of professor,muir central college,allahabad;lecturer,department of modern history,university of allahabad. He has written two books.First book was "the divine heritage of yadavas" and the second book which was published by banaras Hindu university,varanasi,u.p.,india was named "mahamana madan mohan malviya ( an historical biography ).

A historian of repute, Dr Bisheshwar Prasad also lived there.

In the 1930s and before Chatham Lines contained Married Quarters for British Army Soldiers (probably NCO's)