Chatkal River

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Chatkal River (Чаткал)
Countries Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
 - left Ters River
 - right Sandalysh River, Kara-Korum River
Length 223 km (139 mi)
Basin 7,110 km2 (2,745 sq mi)

The Chatkal River (Russian: Чаткал) is a river of Jalal-Abad Province, Kyrgyzstan and Tashkent Province in Uzbekistan. It is a left tributary of the Chirciq River in the Syr Darya basin.

The length of the river is 223 km, with a basin area of 7,110 km². It originates at the point where Chatkal Range adjoins Talas Ala-Too Range.

The average rate of water flow near the mouth is 122 m³/s, with a maximum 920 m³/s.

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Coordinates: 41°35′08″N 70°05′57″E / 41.58556°N 70.09917°E / 41.58556; 70.09917