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The Chattahooligans
Chattahooligans logo.jpg
Established 2009
Type Supporters' group
Team Chattanooga FC
Motto Nullus amat nos, non curamus!
(Latin: "No one likes us, we don't care!")
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Membership over 100
Colors Blue      and Gold     

The Chattahooligans is an independent supporters group for Chattanooga FC of the National Premier Soccer League's Southern Conference. The group was founded in 2009 by fans from Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. The Chattahooligans are nationally known[citation needed], and are considered by many the best supporters group in the NPSL.[1]


The Chattahooligans were founded by Joe Evans, Bill Bolen, John Meldorf, El Conductor, Terri Smith, Simon Neil, and Beverly and Elizabeth Bethell in the opening season of Chattanooga FC in 2009.[2] The 'Hooligans have grown in a short time to have more than 100 members.


The Chattahooligans are an open group with no dues to join and no set roster. All you must do to be a member of the Chattahooligans is come to the Chattanooga FC games and sit in their section. It is "all standing, all singing" throughout the game.[3]

Traditions and Notoriety[edit]

The Chattahooligans have many traditions. Several hours before each game, the group meets for tailgating, fellowship, and general football discussion. Thirty minutes before kickoff, the group begins the "Chattahooligan March", a pre-game processional in which they march into the stadium en masse, banging drums, waving flags and banners,[4] and singing songs.[5] After team and player introductions, the Chattahooligans lead the crowd in an a cappella singing of the US national anthem,[6] a tradition started due to an equipment failure before a 2012 home game vs. Rocket City United.[7] After a favorible response by the crowd, Chattanooga Football Club personnel requested the group continue the practice for all future home games. After games, the Chattahooligans join the team and other fans on the field to meet and greet the players and coaches. The Chattahooligans encourages its members to dress in creative, soccer or local-themed costumes for games. Several notable costumed personas include, El Conductor, Soccertese, Darth Nooga, and Fut Ballson.

The Chattahooligans are known for their loud and raucous, cheering throughout the match,[8] including singing and drum and cowbell accompaniment. The group's ability to establish a crowd presence, even at away games,[9] is a hallmark of the group.[10]