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Chaudhary (Hindi: चौधरी; Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ; Urdu: چودهرى‎; Nepali: चौधरी ;) is a surname originating in North India and Pakistan, literally meaning "holder of four". Chaudhary (also spelt Chaudhry, Chaudhary, Choudhary, Chaudhury, Choudhury,Chowdhory, Chaudry or Choudhry) is a hereditary title of honour, to persons of eminence or royalty. The surname is most common amongst the Gurjars, Muslim Gurjars Punjabi Jats off Pakistan and India.

The earliest written references are from the 15th century, the title was conferred by the Sultans of the Delhi Sultanate upon its military nobles of Indian origins. During the Mughal era and the British rule in India, a talukh or district usually consisted of 84 villages and a central town. The talukhdar was required to collect taxes, maintain supplies and manpower to the provincial government and undertake official tasks. In most cases the talukhdar's were entitled to retain 10% of the collected revenue for their efforts. However,some privileged Taluqdars were entitled to a quarter and hence this title was given as a prefix and suffix with individual names. These landlords use chaudhary surname to show their ancestral association with land and power during pre- independence era. Traditionally, the term is used as a title indicating the ownership of ancestral land, but in contemporary usage it is often taken as a surname or title. In Punjab (Pakistan and India) the landed tribes such as the Jats, Gurjar and Rajputs use this title.


Chaudhary Group, Multinational Conglomerate and Industrial Company across all five continents.


Binod Chaudhary, South Asian Billionaire.


Mahendra Chaudhry, a former Prime Minister of Fiji.


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