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The Chaush are Muslim[1] community of Hadhrami Arab descent found in the Deccan region of India.[2] An extension of these Arab descendants are also found in Bosnia and Herzegovina[3] and Montenegro. It is a Turkish word used particularly during the Ottoman era of the Balkans, 'Chaush' or Čauši were military officers often tasked with guarding palaces.[1] They have a common origin with the Chavuse community of Gujarat.


Chaush is a Turkish word meaning military personnel,[2] as many of them served in the armies of the Deccan rulers. They migrated to India in the 18th century, primarily from the Hadhrami people of the Hadhramaut region in Yemen. They have a big community mainly in the Deccan region of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. They have relatives living/working in the Persian Gulf region and many of them still holding Yemeni nationality. They were recruited by Nizams of Deccan region with full honor from Yemen to look after the military affairs and to guard the valuable treasures. They worked here with the Nizam of Hyderabad, serving in the armed forces or police. they have settled well over here and hold the Indian citizenship. They still have maintained the Arab culture in them. Most of them cannot speak Arabic but they still are Arabs. The tribes from Yemen settled in India Hyderabad are Al jeelani Bin Shamlan, Al Quaisi, Bin Mukram, Al Asbahi, Al Yafai Al Amoodi BinHamza, Al Bakri, Hadhrami, Bahanhan, Al Yamani, Bamusa, Bajaman, Bajaber, Basuriyan, Bayazeed, Al Khatari, Bahtoush, Bin Shahbal, Bin Breik, Balala, BinHasham, BinMahfoodh, Barmeem, Balhabak, Al Saqqaf, Bawazir, Baharoon, Al Aidroos, Baswaid, Awaini, Al Jabri, Baradwan, Al Jaidi, Khulaidi, Bafana, BinHatrash, Al Afari, BinMazi, BaHydra, BaHai'yyum, BinZaid, Bahmaid, Balsharaf, BinHameed, BaSifat, Baumran, Barshed, Bakoda, Basukbara, Ba Umar, Al Sari and Al Nahdi. People who have migrated from Jizan(Saudi Arabia), They are the tribe known as Bin Munief Al Nahdi, and many more.[4]

Culturally they are a bit different from the mainstream Indian Muslims. Famous dishes from the Chaush community are Lham- mandi, dajaj-mandi, Asseed, qahwa, and haleem.

In the Balkan region Chaush presence is still evident from the various last names derived from 'Chaush' which last name modified with the local prefix of '(e)vic' meaning 'son of Čauš' Čaušević is the second most common last name in Bosnia as well and almost all Causevic families are of Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) ethnic stock. A significant Bosniak population in Montenegro also holds many Čauš family roots. More information is available via Bosnian Wikipedia:

A famous 'Chaush' in Bosnia was Mehmed Džemaludin ef. Čaušević (1870 – 28 March 1938) a Bosniak reformer and imam.


This community is most commonly found in Telangana State in Hyderabad an area called Barkas (previously known as Barracks), This area "Barkas" is also called as Little Arabia in Hyderabad,and some areas of Telangana State where this Community found they are Karimnagar, Medak, Adilabad, Kaghaznagar, Asifabad, Jainoor, Warangal, Mahboobnagar, Nizamabad etc. In Maharashtra in old Aurangabad city this community residing like Barkas of Hyderabad. Besides the majority of them reside in rural Maharashtra. The prominent being Ajanta village, Bhokardan, Dhawda, Jafferabad, Jalna, Ambad, Sawangi, Vaijapur, Gangapur, Partur, Pathri, Kannad, Beed, Osmanabad, Latur, Ausa, Parbhani, Nanded. There are also a few individuals of this community in Surat, Gujarat.

The Arab community in Hyderabad is the central connection chord to the government affairs and where in have some families representing the Hadhramis of India and secure their right in Yemen.[5]

The Chaush community of Aurangabad have founded an organisation The Jamiat ul Arab for the welfare of the Arab community of Maharashtra.

Bakulka is also one of the surname of Chaush found in the fore wall of Golconda fort.

Chaush Cuisine[edit]

Arabian food is common in this community as it is called Little Arabia in Hyderabad in Gulf region. Famous dishes found such as Mandi, Kabsa, Harees(A sweet version of Haleem in south Arabian style), Aseed (South Arabian sweet), and also Ghava.

Chaush people[edit]

Al-Jaidi Al-Daiyani Al-Nahdi Al-Kaseri bin Mubarak Bani hasham Jamalallayl

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