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For the archaeological site named Llamachayuq Qaqa or Wakanwayq'u in the Canchis Province, Cusco Region, Peru, see Llamachayuq Qaqa.
Location Peru
Region Cusco Region, Calca Province
Coordinates 13°23′30″S 71°45′15″W / 13.39167°S 71.75417°W / -13.39167; -71.75417Coordinates: 13°23′30″S 71°45′15″W / 13.39167°S 71.75417°W / -13.39167; -71.75417

Chawaytiri (hispanicized Chahuaytire, Chahuaytiri) is an archaeological site with rock paintings in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Calca Province, Pisac District, near the village Chawaytiri.[1][2] The principal section with paintings predominantly showing llamas is named Llamachayuq Qaqa (Quechua llama llama, -cha, -yuq suffixes, qaqa rock,[3] "a rock with a little llama") or Chawaytiri. It lies on the slope of the mountain Muruwiksa (Moro-Wicsa, Morowiqsa, Morro Huicsa). The other sections are named Wamanwachana, Kawituyuq (Cahuituyoc), P'allqapata (Pallcapata), Musuqllaqta (Mosoqllaqta), Misaqaqa and Qaqa.[1]


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