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Cheay Areng Dam is a proposed 108-megawatt (145,000 hp) dam project on Areng river in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. Sinohydro Resources Ltd, a holding company for Sinohydro Group from China was granted approval on February 19 for six months of extensive drilling, geological mapping and prospecting in the dam concession.[1] Cambodia is a country in great need of electricity.[2] The Central Cardamom Protected Forest (CCPF) complex covers 4,013 square kilometres (1,549 sq mi) square kilometers.[3] The largest unbroken tract of woodland in Southeast Asia, it is made up of a series of adjoining national parks. About 1300 indigenous people live in Areng Valley. Furthermore, it has a high biodiversity being inhabited by 31 endangered animal species, including the world’s second-largest population of wild Siamese crocodile.[4] China Guodian Corporation once intended to build the dam.[3] Buddhist monks and villagers are against the project.[3]

As of 2014, the indigenous Chong people continue to oppose construction of the dam, which would provide power principally to neighboring countries.[5]


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