Chechen Autonomous Oblast

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Chechen Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Чеченская автономная область), or Autonomous Oblast of Chechnya (Russian: автономная область Чечни), was an autonomous oblast of the Russian SFSR, created on November 30, 1922 when it was separated from the Mountain Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

On January 15, 1934, Chechen and Ingush Autonomous Oblasts were merged to form Chechen–Ingush Autonomous Oblast.


  • Всероссийский Центральный Исполнительный Комитет. Декрет от 30 ноября 1922 г. «Об образовании автономной области Чечни». (All-Russian Central Executive Committee. Decree of November 30, 1922 On the Establishment of the Autonomous Oblast of Chechnya. ).

Coordinates: 43°19′N 45°41′E / 43.317°N 45.683°E / 43.317; 45.683