Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit

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Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit
Greatest hits album by Cheech & Chong
Released 1981
Recorded 1971-80
Genre Comedy
Length 54:16
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Lou Adler
Cheech & Chong chronology
Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit
Where There's Smoke There's Cheech & Chong
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit is a comedy album by Cheech & Chong. The album is a "greatest hits" compilation, featuring some of their best known comedy bits. Much to some fans disliking, some tracks were edited for this release. Oddly, the 1:34 track "Dave" is broken into two separate tracks, and is edited down for time. Also, "Earache My Eye" fades out just before the argument between father and son.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1[edit]

  1. Dave 0:39
  2. Earache My Eye 2:28
  3. Let's Make a Dope Deal 3:56
  4. Basketball Jones 4:00
  5. Blind Melon Chitlin' 4:20
  6. Sister Mary Elephant 3:30
  7. Sargent Stadanko 6:30
  8. Dave (continued) 0:16

Side 2[edit]

  1. Cruisin' With Pedro De Pacas 3:51
  2. The Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas And Man 6:00
  3. Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn 12:44
  4. Trippin' In Court 5:57

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