Cheetah MMPV

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Type Infantry mobility vehicle
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designer FPI
Manufacturer Force Protection Industries
Produced 2007-2008
Number built 13 prototypes[1]
Weight 17000lbs (empty) with base armor
Length 18 ft (5.4 m)
Width 7 ft 7 in (2.3 m)
Height 7 ft 5 in (2.26 m)
Crew 1 (gunner) +4

Armor STANAG 1 at 17000lbs to STANAG 3 at 23000lbs
remote weapon station

Cummins ISB series
Cummins QSB series
220 KW (300 HP) (ISB)

(275HP) (QSB)
Payload capacity 5000 lbs
Transmission Allison 2500 SP series[2]
Suspension 4x4 wheeled
Ground clearance 18"
Fuel capacity 55 gal
500 mi
Speed 122 km/h (75 mph), 89mph burst

The Cheetah MMPV (Medium Mine Protected Vehicle) is built by Force Protection Inc. It is the smallest of Force Protection's line-up, consisting of the (Buffalo, Cougar and the Cheetah). Its design is based on the South African RG-31 Charger class of light-armored vehicle and is intended as a reconnaissance, forward command and control, and urban operations vehicle for homeland security missions.


Production history[edit]

Unlike the other vehicles produced by Force Protection, it is not currently in full scale production. Although full production was stated to likely begin in July 2007,[3] this was put in doubt by the announcement on May 31, 2007 that the Marine Corps had ordered 1200 of the rival International MaxxPro vehicles.[4] At the same time Force Protection received an order for 14 of the larger MRAP Category III Buffalo.[5] Cheetah was submitted to the JLTV competition but in August 2008 was officially rejected from the program.[6]


Not procured by any country.

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