Chegitun River

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Location of the Chegitun River course.

The Chegitun River is a stream located in the Chukotka Peninsula in Far East Siberia. It is the easternmost river flowing into the Chukchi Sea from the Siberian side, which makes it the river of the Eurasian continent that is farthest to the east.

This river and its basin belongs to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug administrative region of Russia. Arctic char, Siberian salmon, and Dolly Varden trout are common in its waters.

The Chegitun River flows in a roughly northeastern direction and crosses the Arctic circle a few miles before it meets the sea. Close to its mouth there is the small village of Chegitun; the villages of Inchoun and Uelen are located not far down the coast.


Coordinates: 66°35′N 171°09′E / 66.583°N 171.150°E / 66.583; 171.150