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Cheil Worldwide
public company
Traded as KRX: 030000
Industry Advertising
Founded 1973
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served
Key people
Daiki Lim [1] (President & CEO)
Services advertising
public relations
shopper marketing
sports marketing
digital marketing
Revenue USD $693.3 million (2013) [2]
Parent Samsung Group

Cheil Worldwide Inc.(KRX: 030000) is a marketing company under the Samsung Group that offers advertising, public relations, shopper marketing, sports marketing, digital marketing, etc. It was established in 1973 with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

It is the country's largest[3] and the world's 15th largest advertising agency, by 2013 revenues.[4] Its major clients include Samsung,[5] Hankook Tire,[6] Deutsche Bahn,[7] Orion, New Balance,[8] Coca-Cola,[9] AIG,[10] ESPN,[11] Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) [12] and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).[13]


In 1973 when the company was established by Lee Byung-chul, the Korean entrepreneur who founded Samsung Group, the official name was Cheil Communications. It began conducting Korea's first nationwide lifestyle surveys in 1977; set up a joint venture with Bozell in 1989; and set up Hakuhodo-Cheil in 1999.[14] The company changed its name to Cheil Worldwide in 2008.[15]

Cheil Worldwide opened its first international branch office in Tokyo in 1988[16] and established Cheil USA 4 years later.[17] From the late 2000s, it began to acquire stakes in overseas agencies. It acquired a stake in London-based agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay in 2008[15] and New York-based digital shop, The Barbarian Group in 2009.[18] In order to gain further foothold in the US and China, Cheil bought two more agencies in 2012, McKinney [19] and Bravo Asia,[20] respectively.

In May 2013, Cheil Worldwide revealed a new corporate identity complete with a new logo and a new slogan "Ideas that Move".[21] Most recently in December 2013, it opened a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, increasing the company's global footprint to a total 35 countries.[10] As of March 2015, Cheil has 48 offices and 8 affiliates across 41 countries.[22]

In November 2014, it announced that it had signed a deal to acquire a significant initial investment in the UK-based agency iris worldwide. The deal will potentially rise to 100% of the business over the next five years. [23]


Samsung Electronics (Look at Me)[edit]

Look at Me is an application designed to to help autistic kids to read emotions and ultimately to connect with others. Children with autism usually do not make and sustain eye contact with others, but they like to interact with smart devices. Based on this finding, Cheil Worldwide collaborated with researchers and doctors to develop the app. Using the smart devices’ camera features, children can learn to read a person’s mood, remember faces and take photos while displaying a range of emotions. After 8 weeks of test, it turned out that 60% of the tested children showed improvement in making eye contact and identifying emotional expressions. [24]

Samsung Electronics (CenterStage)[edit]

Center Stage is a digital showroom showcasing the Samsung appliance portfolio in ultra high definition, true-to-full size. By displaying 27 of Samsung's products in their actual size in a six-by-eleven foot wall with nine screens, it eradicates the physical limitations of retail displays by enabling consumers to browse items not available in store. Shoppers can experiment with the appliances using the touch screen technology; they can zoom in on features, open up a refrigerators and microwaves, tweak their colors, and even plop them down in a fabricated kitchen.[25]

Halonix (Safer City)[edit]

Many streets in New Delhi do not have adequate lighting at night, making them unsafe for commuters, especially woman. So Halonix and Cheil India invited citizens of Delhi on social media to identify dark streets where they felt unsafe. Then at these locations, billboards were put up that transformed into street lights at night. Over 1167 dark places have been identified. In the first month itself, the campaign impacted the lives of more than 1,700,000 people across various lit-up locations in the city. Unaided recall for a new brand like Halonix grew from 20% to 70%. Positive feedback, especially from woman, has encouraged Halonix to take the project to 7 more cities. [26]

Samsung Electronics (Power Sleep)[edit]

Power Sleep is an alarm app made by Cheil Worldwide in conjunction with the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna for Samsung handsets. It helps donate the processor power of smartphone or tablet to support researchers at the University of Vienna with the decryption of protein sequences. The decrypted sequences are used to benefit cancer and Alzheimer's research, amongst others. Power Sleep functions like an alarm clock. When the user goes to sleep, his or her smartphone or tablet requests a data package from the SIMAP server (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) at the University of Vienna and starts calculating. When the alarm rings, the process ends and the package is recorded in the SIMAP database.[27]

KangaROOS (Back to the ROOS)[edit]

The campaign emphasizes the easy-going philosophy of the KangaROOS approach compared to over-complicated modern running where "wearable" technology often gets in the way. Cheil came up with a social media campaign, aimed at proving that you don't need to buy into an entire "big brand" ecosystem. A German KangaROOS fan went Australia to take on Nike. His task was to attach a Fuelband to a real kangaroo, track the results, and fans were encouraged to guess and post the number of fuelpoints. The campaign used Nike hashtags on all posts and videos to hijack Nike Twitter feeds and get its fun message to the Nike followers. As a result, it spread out the intended message, a reminder that you can't measure fun.[27]

UNHCR (Invisible People)[edit]

In order to address the reality of refugees, who have remained largely unseen by the general public, Cheil Worldwide and the Seoul Museum of Art have joined hands to hold a 3D refugee figurine exhibition. Organized as part of Cheil's CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts, UNHCR and Cheil together met refugees in South Korea and Niger. The refugees had their photographs taken and three-dimensional mini figurines were produced based on their real images. In-depth interviews with the refugees were also captured on video. The results – dozens of figurines, each no larger than a handspan – are displayed in hidden places such as stairways, shelves and windowsills of the Seoul Museum of Art. Visitors who find the figurines can listen to the refugees' stories by connecting their mobile phones with the QR/NFC codes inserted in each figurine.[28]

Samsung Electronics (Smart Toys)[edit]

Many children love to play with smart devices rather than traditional toys. However their parents are concerned with the kids increasingly sedentary, therefore wanted to achieve a healthy balance between the two ways to play. So Cheil invented Smart Toys which came with movement sensors that measured the time kids play in real life, and turned that time into time they could play with their tablets. So the more kids play physically, the more they can play with technology.[29]

Thomson Holidays (Simon the Ogre)[edit]

The campaign is based on the insight that everyone can appreciate the feeling of being just a little bit ground down by everyday life, and that some start to feel and behave like Ogres when life gets on top of them – especially if they haven't had a holiday in a while. Beattie McGuinness Bungay, BMB, wanted to show how Thomson the client, thanks to its carefully designed holiday experiences, offers the kind of quality time that is the perfect antidote to Ogre-ness. BMB took the character of Simon, who starts the epic 120" spot as an Ogre, and told the emotive story of how he is transformed via the experience of a Thomson holiday into the best version of himself again. This campaign delivers the true value and importance of taking a holiday.[30] Cheil Worldwide holds a major stake in BMB.[31]

Polish Red Cross (Very Good Manners)[edit]

Since 2001 the Polish Red Cross has been raising donations to buy hot meals for children who can't afford to eat them on a regular basis. They needed a better long-term solution that would allow to buy more meals and on a regular basis - a fundraising system that would encourage more frequent donations from more people. Very Good Manners campaign is a way to make small donations in restaurants using customers' cutlery. When a customer crosses the cutlery on the plate after the meal 5 zlotys (approx. 1.5 EUR) is added to the bill and transferred to the Polish Red Cross.[32] The campaign won a Bronze Award at the 2013 Eurobest.[33]

S-Oil (Neutral Stickers)[edit]

Following on from the "Here Balloon" campaign which won the Cannes Lions Bronze in 2012,[34] Cheil developed another eco-friendly campaign for S-Oil, one of Korea's top three petroleum companies. The idea is to affix 'Neutral Stickers" on the front window; drivers cannot see the sticker while driving as it is blown upwards by the wind but when the car stops, the sticker comes down and shows the message that the car transmission should be put in to neutral. The result is cars emit less pollutants because the gear is put in neutral.[35]

United Nations German chapter (Free the Forced)[edit]

On the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany, couples fix padlocks to the railings to ensure everlasting love. There were about 160,000 padlocks on the bridge, and Cheil Germany put extra 3,500 blue padlocks spelling out "FREE THE FORCED". Each lock, representing a woman who was suffering from forced marriage, displayed a QR code for passers-by to scan with their smartphones. Scanning the QR code directs them to a website where they can donate to get a four-digit code allowing them to open the padlock and take it with them. The padlock is a reminder of the forced marriage issue and a thank-you for their donation. As padlocks were removed, the slogan "FREE THE FORCED" also disappeared.[36]

Samsung Electronics (We are David Bailey)[edit]

When Samsung launched its range of NX Smart Cameras, the biggest challenges were establishing credibility and increasing market share. Cheil UK's solution was to create a campaign that democratized photography and proved that anyone can shoot like a professional. The core idea involved recruiting people named David Bailey, the same name of Britain's most iconic photographer, and giving them their own Samsung NX1000. Using the "We Are David Bailey" Facebook hub, 143 David Baileys signed up. Once validated, they were asked to capture the world around them. These shots were then featured in a Facebook gallery and became the center of a multi-channel advertising campaign, including press, online and TVC.[37] The campaign won Gold and Bronze awards at the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[38]

UNICEF HK (NFC Charity Stickers Campaign)[edit]

Since 1945, every Saturday in Hong Kong is officially known as 'Flag Day' – a day on which charities sell charity stickers to help raise funds. But organizations, like UNICEF have found that with limited volunteers working within a governmental stipulated five hour window limited the funds raised for their charity. Cheil combined near field communication (NCF) technology with traditional stickers to create NFC Charity Stickers direct the individual to a webpage to make their donation. The stickers allow every sticker-wearing contributor to become an instant volunteer to obtain additional donations. It also allows donations to be placed outside of the five hour window. On average, every NFC Charity Sticker worn by instant volunteers has raised a further six donations.[39]

Samsung Life Insurance (Bridge of Life)[edit]

Seoul's Mapo Bridge, one of 25 bridges over the Han River, has become a frequent spot for suicide attempts due to its easy access to pedestrians. In an attempt to prevent such events, Seoul has teamed up with Samsung Life Insurance and its advertising agency Cheil Worldwide to re-position Mapo Bridge as a healing place using technology and a total of 2,200 light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The team installed sensors on the guardrails, so that when people walk by, lights turn on according to their movements. Messages offer pedestrians kind words, comforting song lyrics, and funny jokes, some of which include phrases such as: "I love you", "Let's walk together", "You look worried. Are you OK?", "For your kids", and "Tomorrow's sun will rise". The messages were carefully drafted with psychologists and suicide-prevention activists input. Walking all the way across the bridge, pedestrians continue to see messages until they reach the other end. The campaign has been successful in creating a popular tourist attraction and reducing the bridge's suicide rate by 85%.[40] According to the Directory Big Won 2013 Rankings, it is the world's 5th best campaign across all media channels.[41]

CJ (Minewater)[edit]

Based on the insight that people are naturally rather lazy, and thus are not actively making an effort to donate their money for a good cause, Cheil Worldwide devised a way to make donating easy. The Minewater bottle has two barcodes, one, to buy the bottle of water for about $1, and an additional water-drop-shaped barcode, Barcoderop, for donating 110 cents toward water aid for Africa. Customers only need to leave the Barcoderop sticker on and get it scanned at checkout.[42] The campaign has earned Cheil Worldwide a Bronze Lion at the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[43]

Tesco Homeplus (Homeplus Subway Virtual Store)[edit]

In 2011, Cheil's work for Tesco Homeplus was awarded the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[44] People were able to shop from a virtual store in subway stations by taking pictures of the products with their mobile phones. Their orders were later delivered to their homes. The campaign was evaluated as the "convergence of innovative media and shopper-marketing ideas.[45]

Sports marketing[edit]

Suwon Samsung Bluewings[edit]

On 1 April 2014 Cheil Worldwide took over a K League side Suwon Samsung Bluewings in Samsung Electronics.

Awards and recognition[edit]

Cheil's work for Tesco Homepuls won one Grand-prix and four Golds at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2011 [46] and the Digital Campaign of the Year at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWI) in 2012.[47] Even after a year the campaign was launched, industry publication AdAge hailed the Homeplus work as "the one with lasting impact you don't see with many other celebrated campaigns." [48]

A wider range of Cheil's works was recognized in 2012. Award wins include 12 Cannes Lions including 3 Gold [49] and 1 Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia [50] in which Simon Hong, Cheil's Executive Creative Director, presented a seminar session on "Nothing Ever Becomes Real Till It Is Experienced". He discussed about the brand experience for consumers and how important is creativity and technology.[51] Earlier in the same year, Cheil partnered with K-Pop group 2NE1 to host a seminar at the Cannes Lions.[52] The session was about how digital technology has driven the "Korean wave"; how K-pop is taking over the world through digital and social media; and what it means for advertising.[53]

In 2013, The Barbarian Group, an American digital agency acquired by Cheil in 2009, won an Innovation Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions.[54] Adding to the list of awards, the Bridge of Life won a Grand CLIO award for Public Relations [55] and two Gold and a Titanium at the Cannes Lions.[56] At the Cannes Lions 2013, Cheil UK took one Gold and two Bronze for We are David Bailey campaign;[57] German office's Free the Forced scooped one Gold, one Silver and four Bronze.[58] Later in 2013 at the Eurobest, Simon Hathaway and Daniele Fiandaca from Cheil talked about the emergence of shopper marketing and what the rest of world can learn about the field from South Korea.[59]

Cheil once again spoke at the Cannes Lions seminar in June 2014, with a guest speaker from Samsung Electronics. The seminar addressed how the age of mobile has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives, and how it has changed companies which have to market their products and services to this fast-changing generation of mobile.[60]


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