Cheju Halla University

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Cheju Halla University
Established 1966
Type Private
Location Jeju City, Jeju-do, South Korea
33°28′34″N 126°28′32″E / 33.47616°N 126.47560°E / 33.47616; 126.47560Coordinates: 33°28′34″N 126°28′32″E / 33.47616°N 126.47560°E / 33.47616; 126.47560
Cheju Halla University
Hangul 제주한라대학
Revised Romanization Jeju Halla Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Cheju Halla Taehak

Cheju Halla University is a private university in Jeju City, the principal city of South Korea's island province of Jeju-do. Originally established as a nursing school, it retains a strong emphasis on medicine, although academic programs in many other fields are now offered.


The school began its existence in 1966 as Jeju Nursing School (제주간호학교), a three-year technical institution. It became Jeju Technical College of Nursing in 1979, Halla Technical College in 1991, and took on its present name in 1998.

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