Chekhovskiye Medvedi

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Chekhovskie Medvedi
Chehovski Medvedi.png
Full name Chekhovskie Medvedi Handball Club
Founded 2001
Arena Olimpiysky Sport Palace
Capacity 3,000
Head coach Vladimir Maksimov
League Russian Handball Super League
2011–12 Russian Handball Super League, 1st
Club colours          
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Chekhovskie Medvedi (Russian: Чеховские Медведи, English: Chekhov Bears) is a handball club from Chekhov, Moscow Oblast, Russia. Currently, Chehovski Medvedi competes in the Russian Handball Super League.

The organization took its current name in 2001, and was previously known as CSKA Moscow Handball Club.


Squad 2012–13[edit]

# Name Position Date of birth Height Weight Nationality
1 Oleg Grams Goalkeeper 20.02.1984 2,00 m 102 kg  Russia
12 Richard Štochl Goalkeeper 17.12.1975 - -  Slovakia
2 Vassili Filippov Middle Back 18.01.1981 1,83 m 87 kg  Russia
4 Samvel Aslanyan Right Back 23.02.1986 1,90 m 90 kg  Russia
7 Dmitri Kovalev Right Back 15.05.1982 1,80 m 79 kg  Russia
8 Egor Evdokimov Line player 09.03.1982 - -  Russia
10 Alexander Chernoivanov Line player 13.02.1979 2,00 m 95 kg  Russia
11 Sergei Shelmenko Left Back 05.04.1983 1,95 m 99 kg  Russia
13 Sergei Gorbok Left Back 04.12.1982 1,96 m 98 kg  Russia
14 Alexey Rastvortsev Left Back 08.08.1978 2,00 m -  Russia
17 Alexander Villages Line player 26.03.1992 1,95 m 75 kg  Russia
18 Daniel Shishkarev Right winger 06.06.1988 1,89 m 85 kg  Russia
20 Mikhail Chipurin Line player 17.11.1980 1,90 m 105 kg  Russia
23 Eduard Koksharov Left winger 04.11.1975 1,85 m -  Russia
31 Timur Dibirov Left winger 30.06.1983 1,80 m 74 kg  Russia
89 Dmitry Zhitnikov Middle Back 20.11.1989 1,85 m 80 kg  Russia

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