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A building in Chelapur.
Block/Tehsil District State
Chandpur Bijnor UP.

Chelapur is a village in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated on Noorpur-Moradabad road. There is a primary school and a doctor's clinic in the village. The population of village is shown below in the table.

Male Female Total
354 290 644

The police station for this village is in Noorpur, a nearby town. There is an old holy 'Peepal' tree in the village commanly known as 'Dada Devta'. Nearby this holy tree a Shiv Temple is also built. This village is the birthplace of great leader late SH.Tikaram Singh Gurjar. His family still lives in the village and works for the welfare and development of the village. The people of village are aware of importance of education and send their children to nearby schools in town.

Some of the villages near Chelapur are Gohawar, Dahanna, Doondhli, Saidpur Nangla etc.

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