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Benham and some of her gongs.

Chelse Benham is an American television producer, director, editor, marketing professional (with an emphasis on social media marketing).

She received her Bachelor of Science in Radio/Television/Film Production from The University of Texas at Austin and her Masters degree in Film from The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA). She was an American Film Institute fellow in Digital Content Design. She is a professional journalist and author of articles on business protocol, television history, interactive educational video games and its future relationship with television programming.

Benham served as Radio/Television Production Specialist at UTPA. She was the founder and Director of Reel to Red Productions; an award-winning student television and multimedia production internship formed in the The Office of University Relations. She was instrumental in the creation of the University's Office of Social Media. She served as the Head of Digital/Social Media and PR for UTPA.

She established the first UTPA television closed-circuit television system (known as the University Vision System) and the only campus-wide student operated television broadcast station and system in The University of Texas System.


Benham spent the first half of her career working in television production creating programming for companies such as Cinetel Productions, HGTV, The A&E Network, The History Channel and CBS affiliate WVLT-TV. From documentaries to commercials, she has worked in all phases of the production process taking concept to delivery in both long format and short format (commercials) productions. She established the first UTPA television closed-circuit television system (known as Reel to Red Productions) and the only campus-wide television system in the UT System, and she designed future plans for the University’s digital network in partnership with South Texas PBS station, KMBH (TV) 60.

She is a founding board member of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance and served on the Board of Directors for PBS KMBH TV 60 and the Rio Grande Valley Film Commission. She was a U.S. Ambassador for International Public Television Conference (INPUT) in 2005 and 2007.

After five years at UTPA, Benham acquired nearly a half a million dollars in capital and funding for the Office of University Relations in the Division of University Advancement and her department grew by 40 percent.

She is co-founder of a social media firm specializing in empowering social media efforts and brand strategies through workshops, consulting, and online products.

Benham is the Chief Marketing/Programming Officer (CMPO) at CycleVision Network (CVN.TV), an Internet television broadcast and social media network.


  • Sausalito and Alluring Getaways - Producer/Editor
  • Opera by The Bay 2001 Festival (2001) - Producer/Editor
  • Caught By A Midwife (2001) - Producer/Editor
  • The Healing Journey (2001) - Producer/Editor


  • "Mighty Mississippi" (1995) - Associate Producer
  • "November Warriors" (1996?) - Associate Producer
  • "America's Castles" (1996) – Post-Production Supervisor
  • "Empires of Industry" (1998) - Associate Producer
  • "Birding The World" (2008?) - title? Director, Editor


Year Project Role Notes
1998 unknown unknown ADDY Award
1999 unknown unknown ADDY Award
1999 "Celebrating Knoxville"
Magazine entertainment program for WVLT
Director, Producer, and Editor 2000 AXIEM Award
1999 Southeast Regional EMMY
1999 Aurora Award Platinum
1999 unknown unknown Society of Professional Journalists, Golden Press Card Competition, Award of Merit
1999 Beyond the Golden Gate unknown Vision Award finalist
Communicator Award Honorable Mention
2001 The Healing Journey
Director, Producer, and Editor New York Festival finalist
Jade Award
Telly Award
2002 New York Independent Film Festival
2001 Caught By A Midwife
Director, Producer, and Editor Communicator Award of Distinction
Vision Award finalist
2002 Telly Award finalist
2006 Going Nowhere
dramatic film
Executive Producer Aurora Award Gold
Communicator Award of Distinction
2005 Lone Star Emmy nominee[1]
2005 Telly Award finalist
2007 "The UTPA Today Show"
Magazine program
Supervising Producer and Host Lone Star Emmy nomination[2]
Ava Awards Gold
2007 Dead Letter
dramatic film
Screenwriter, Director, and Editor Lone Star Emmy[3]
Ava Awards Platinum
Videographer Awards Award of Excellence
McAllen Film Festival Audience Award for Best Film
Aurora Award Platinum
2009 The Heart of Experience
Director, Producer, and Editor Lone Star Emmy[4]
Communicator Award
2010 Creative Director and Designer Webby People's Voice Award
W3 Award
2010 "Who Knew?"
ad campaign
Director and Editor Telly Award
2011 Bucky Challenge
iPhone/iPod/iPad app
Creative Director, Game Designer, and Programmer Communicator Distinguished Award
ADDY Award


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