Chelsea Girls (song)

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"Chelsea Girls"
Song by Nico from the album Chelsea Girl
Released October 1967
Recorded Mayfair Sound Studios, New York City
Length 7:22
Label Verve Records
Writer Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison
Producer Tom Wilson
Chelsea Girl track listing
"It Was a Pleasure Then"
"Chelsea Girls"
"I'll Keep It With Mine"

"Chelsea Girls" is the title track of Nico's 1967 debut album, Chelsea Girl. The song was written by Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison of The Velvet Underground,[1] who Nico had collaborated with for their debut album the previous year.

The title of the song and of the album itself is a reference to the 1966 film of the same name by Andy Warhol, which Nico starred in herself. The film was an experimental reality movie that focused on the various residents of the Hotel Chelsea during Warhol's Factory days. Many of them were Bohemian artists, drop outs, and drug addicts, which is also described in the lyrics of the song.

Running at just under seven and a half minutes long, "Chelsea Girls" is similar in style to a ballad, telling the stories of various residents at the hotel. It features instrumental work (guitar) from Sterling Morrison,[citation needed] as well as a flute piece which is prominent throughout the song.

Nico stated in interviews that she "hated" the flute piece that was used, but had no say in the matter because it was in the hands of the album producers.[2]

Singer-songwriter Elliott Smith played the song at least once during his live performances.[3] The song was also covered by Stereo Total and included on their 2005 album Do the Bambi.


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