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Chemring Group
Type Public (LSECHG)
Industry Aerospace and Defence
Founded 1905
Headquarters Fareham, UK
Key people Peter Hickson, Chairman
Mark Papworth, CEO
Revenue £740.3 million (2012)[1]
Operating income £88.3 million (2012)[1]
Net income £15.3 million (2012)[1]

Chemring Group is a British-based producer of countermeasures for protecting air, sea and land-based platforms from threats. It is headquartered in Fareham and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


The business was formed as The British, Foreign & Colonial Automatic Light Controlling Company Limited in 1905 to make timers for gas street lighting.[2] In the 1950s the company diversified into silver coated filaments for lighting.[2] It was subsequently established that such filaments had an alternative use as chaff for radar decoy purposes.[2] The company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1974.[2]

In 2006 the Chemring Group acquired Poole based BDL Systems for £9 million.[3] [4]

In 2007 the Company acquired Simmel Difesa, an ammunition supply business,[5] as well as Richmond Electronics & Engineering, a business specialising in bomb disposal technology.[6]

In 2008 it went on to buy Scot, a business making devices for aircraft emergency systems,[7] and Martin Electronics, a manufacturer of ammunition and fuses.[8]

In 2010 it purchased Roke Manor Research, a centre for advanced technology research and development based in Hampshire, UK from Siemens for £55m. [9]


The Group is organised into two divisions:

The energetics operations of Chemring is one of the world leaders in pyrotechnics with sites in England, Scotland, Germany, Spain and Australia. The product range includes smoke and flare units, battlefield simulation, minefield defence systems and demolition stores


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