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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.
Chen Changxing
Born 1771
Chenjiagou, Henan, China
Died 1853 (aged 81–82)
Nationality Chinese
Style Chen-style taijiquan
(6th gen. Chen)
Notable relatives Chen Youben,
Chen Wangting
Notable students Yang Luchan,
Chen Gengyun (陈耕耘)
Chen Changxing
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Chen Changxing or Ch'en Chang-hsing (1771–1853) was a 14th generation descendant and 6th generation master of the Chen Family and was an influential martial artist and teacher of taijiquan (t'ai chi ch'uan).

Chen Changxing is a slightly mysterious character and much controversy surrounds him. He is most known as the teacher of the great taijiquan master Yang Luchan, but there is much disagreement over which style of martial art Chen Changxing actually taught to the family outsider.

Some schools of thought suggest that Chen Changxing was a maverick who practiced and taught a style of martial art that was not part of the Chen Family martial arts tradition, and that was passed to him either directly or indirectly from a taijiquan master known as Jiang Fa. Other schools of thought suggest that Chen Changxing re-worked two or more of the traditional Chen Family routines into his own style and then taught it to Yang Luchan and others. Both schools successfully explain why the taijiquan that Yang Luchan's descendants now practice is substantially different from the modern Chen routines, but neither theory can be completely substantiated and thus much controversy remains.

Chen Changxing is said to have been of an irreverent character and was given the nickname "Mr Ancestral Tablet" due to the directness of his posture. In the "The Genealogy of the Chen Family" he is noted as a martial arts instructor, but the detail of the style he taught is not present.

T'ai chi ch'uan lineage tree with Chen-style focus[edit]


  • This lineage tree is not comprehensive, but depicts those considered the 'gate-keepers' & most recognised individuals in each generation of Chen-style.
  • Although many styles were passed down to respective descendants of the same family, the lineage focused on is that of the Chen style & not necessarily that of the family.
  • Names denoted by an asterisk are legendary or semi-legendary figures in the lineage; while their involvement in the lineage is accepted by most of the major schools, it is not independently verifiable from known historical records.

Solid lines Direct teacher-student.
Dash lines Individual(s) omitted. (王宗岳)
Wang Zongyue*
Dash cross Branch continues.
Dot lines Partial influence
/taught informally
/limited time.
Chen Wangting
Jiang Fa
Chen Ruxin
2nd gen. Chen
Chen Suole
2nd gen. Chen
Chen Dakun
3rd gen. Chen
Chen Dapeng
3rd gen. Chen
Chen Guangyin
3rd gen. Chen
Chen Shenru
3rd gen. Chen
Chen Xunru
3rd gen. Chen
Chen Zhengru
3rd gen. Chen
Zhang Chuchen
3rd gen. Zhaobao
Chen Shantong
4th gen. Chen
Chen Shanzhi
4th gen. Chen
Chen Jixia
4th gen. Chen
Chen Jie
4th gen. Chen
Chen Jingbo
4th gen. Chen
4th gen. Zhaobao
Chen Binqi
5th gen. Chen
Chen Bingren
5th gen. Chen
Chen Bingwang
5th gen. Chen
Chen Gongzhao
1715– after1795
5th gen. Chen
Zhang Zongyu
5th gen. Zhaobao
Chen Changxing
6th gen. Chen
Chen Old Frame
Chen Youheng
6th gen. Chen
Chen Youben
c. 19th century
6th gen. Chen
Chen Small Frame
Zhang Yan
6th gen. Zhaobao
Chen Gengyun
7th gen. Chen
Yang Luchan
Chen Qingping
7th gen. Chen
7th gen. Zhaobao
Chen Yanxi
8th gen. Chen
Wu Yuxiang
He Zhaoyuan
8th gen. Zhaobao
Zhaobao He-style
Chen Fake
9th gen. Chen and 1st gen. Chen of Beijing
Chen New Frame
Feng Zhiqiang
10th gen. Chen
Tian Xiuchen
10th gen. Chen and 2nd gen. Chen of Beijing
Hong Junsheng
10th gen. Chen
Chen Zhaokui
10th gen. Chen
focused on
Chen New Frame
Chen Zhaoxu
10th gen. Chen
Chen Zhaopi
10th gen. Chen
focused on
Chen Old Frame
"4 Tigers"
Chen Yu
b. 1962
11th gen. Chen
Chen Xiaowang
b. 1945
11th gen. Chen
Chen Zhenglei
b. 1949
11th gen. Chen
Chen Xiaoxing
b. 1952
11th gen. Chen
Wang Xian
b. 1944
11th gen. Chen
Zhu Tiancai
b. 1944
11th gen. Chen

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