Chen Zhen (Three Kingdoms)

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For other people named Chen Zhen, see Chen Zhen.
Chen Zhen
Minister of Shu Han
Born (Unknown)
Died 235[1]
Simplified Chinese 陈震
Traditional Chinese 陳震
Pinyin Chén Zhèn
Wade–Giles Ch'en Chen
Courtesy name Xiaoqi (Chinese: 孝起; pinyin: Xiàoqǐ; Wade–Giles: Hsiao-ch'i)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.

Chen Zhen (died 235),[1] courtesy name Xiaoqi, was a minister of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Assistant Officer (從事)
  • Captain of the North District of Shu Commandery (蜀郡北部都尉)
  • Administrator of Wenshan (汶山太守)
  • Administrator of Jianwei (犍為太守)
  • Chief Imperial Secretary (尚書令)
  • Minister of the Guards (衛尉) - title granted by Sun Quan
  • Marquis of Chengyang (城陽亭侯)

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  1. ^ a b Chen Zhen's biography in Records of the Three Kingdoms stated that he died in the 13th year of the Jianxing era (223-237) in Liu Shan's reign. (十三年,震卒。)