Chengalpattu Junction railway station

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Chengalpattu Junction
செங்கல்பட்டு சந்திப்பு
Regional rail, Commuter rail & Light rail
Chengalpattu Junction.jpg
Location SH 58, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 12°41′35″N 79°58′49″E / 12.69306°N 79.98028°E / 12.69306; 79.98028Coordinates: 12°41′35″N 79°58′49″E / 12.69306°N 79.98028°E / 12.69306; 79.98028
Elevation 41 metres (135 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Southern Railway zone
Line(s) Chennai Egmore-Thanjavur line
Platforms 8
Tracks 8
Connections TNSTC, SETC, Auto rickshaw stand
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Yes
Disabled access Handicapped/disabled access
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code CGL
Zone(s) Southern Railway Zone
Division(s) Chennai
Fare zone Indian Railways
Electrified 25 kV AC 50 Hz

Chengalpattu junction railway station is a railway junction of the southern section of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network situated in the town of Chengalpattu, 56 kilometres (35 mi) south-west of Chennai Beach. The station falls in the Chennai railway division of the Southern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. Officially it bears the code CGL.[1]


The lines at the station were electrified on 9 January 1965, with the electrification of the Tambaram—Chengalpattu section.[2]

Location and Layout[edit]

The Chengalpattu train station is located at the heart of the Chengalpattu city, on the banks of the Kolavai Lake. It is situated on the SH-58, and opposite to its main entrance lays the TNSTC and Mofussil bus terminals. There is also an statue in the memory of Periyar outside the train station.

The station is part of the Chennai - Villupuram line and another line, the Arakkonam - Chengalpattu line.

The nearest airport from the station is the Chennai International Airport located at a distance of nearly 42 kilometers from the city.


The Chengalpattu Junction being a focal point on the Chennai - Villupuram line, inevitably means that every south-bound train from Chennai has to operate via the junction thus making it one of the most crowded railway stations of the Indian Railways. Following trains operate via the station.[3]

Express Services
No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name Frequency
1. 16853/16854 Chennai Egmore Tiruchirappalli Cholan Express Daily
2. 12635/12636 Chennai Egmore Madurai Vaigai Express Daily
3. 12605/12606 Chennai Egmore Karaikkudi Pallavan Express Daily
4. 16127/16128 Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express Daily
5. 16129/16130 Chennai Egmore Thoothukudi Link Express Daily
6. 16105/16106 Chennai Egmore Thiruchendur Express Daily
7. 16713/16714 Chennai Egmore Rameswaram Sethu Express Daily
8. 12633/12634 Chennai Egmore Kanyakumari Kanyakumari Express Daily
9. 16115/16116 Chennai Egmore Puducherry Express Daily
10. 12693/12694 Chennai Egmore Thoothukudi Pearl City Express Daily
11. 16723/16724 Chennai Egmore Thiruvananthapuram Ananthapuri Express Daily
12. 12631/12632 Chennai Egmore Tirunelveli Nellai Express Daily
13. 12661/12662 Chennai Egmore Sengottai Pothigai Express Daily
14. 12637/1263 Chennai Egmore Madurai Pandian Express Daily
15. 16101/16102 Chennai Egmore Rameswaram Express Daily
16. 16179/16180 Chennai Egmore Mannarkudi Mannai Express Daily
17. 16859/16860 Chennai Egmore Mangalore Express Daily
18. 16177/16178 Chennai Egmore Tiruchirappalli Rockfort Express Daily
19. 11063/11064 Chennai Egmore Salem Express Daily
20. 16175/16176 Chennai Egmore Karaikal Express Daily
21. 16185/16186 Chennai Egmore Velankanni Link Express Daily
22. 16183/16184 Chennai Egmore Thanjavur Uzhavan Express Daily
23. 22623/22624 Chennai Egmore Madurai Superfast Express Bi-Weekly
24. 12651/12652 Madurai Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti Express Bi-Weekly
25. 12641/12642 Kanyakumari Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi Thirukural Express Bi-Weekly
26. 16181/16182 Chennai Egmore Manamadurai Silambu Express Bi-Weekly
27. 11017/11018 Kurla, Mumbai Karaikal Express Bi-Weekly
28. 16339/16340 Mumbai Nagercoil Express Bi-Weekly
29. 12663/12664 Howrah, Kolkata Tiruchirappalli Superfast Express Bi-Weekly
30. 12667/12668 Chennai Egmore Nagercoil Superfast Express Weekly
31. 11043/11044 Kurla, Mumbai Madurai Express Weekly
32. 12897/12898 Puducherry Bhubaneswar Superfast Express Weekly
33. 12665/12666 Howrah Kanyakumari Superfast Express Weekly
34. 14259/14260 Rameswaram Varanasi Express Weekly
Passenger Services
No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name Frequency
1. 56003/56004 Arakkonam Chengalpattu Passenger Daily
2. 56005/56006 Arakkonam Chengalpattu Passenger Daily
3. 56859/56860 Tambaram Viluppuram Passenger Daily
4. 56037/56038 Chennai Egmore Puducherry Passenger Daily
5. 56041/56042 Tirupati Puducherry Passenger Daily

The following trains do not halt at the station:

Suburban Traffic[edit]

There also several suburban trains operating from and through the station towards Chennai and the station holds prime importance in the Southand south-West lines of the Chennai Suburban Railway.

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