Chengguan District, Lhasa

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城关区 · ཁྲིན་ཀོན་ཆུས
Lhasa from the Pabonka Monastery.JPG
Coordinates: 29°39′11″N 91°08′19″E / 29.65306°N 91.13861°E / 29.65306; 91.13861Coordinates: 29°39′11″N 91°08′19″E / 29.65306°N 91.13861°E / 29.65306; 91.13861
Country People's Republic of China
Autonomous region Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture-level city Lhasa
 • Total 525 km2 (203 sq mi)
Population (2003 est.)
 • Total 140,000
 • Density 270/km2 (690/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Chengguan District
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 城关区
Traditional Chinese 城關區
Tibetan name
Tibetan ཁྲིན་ཀོན་ཆུས

Chengguan District is the main district of Lhasa, with a total area of 525 square kilometres (203 sq mi) and a 2003 population of 150000. Its name literally means "city pass district", referring to the city's location nestled between two mountain ridges.

Chengguan is part of the Lhasa City which consists of seven small counties: Lhünzhub County, Damxung County, Nyêmo County, Qüxü County, Doilungdêqên County, Dagzê County and Maizhokunggar County.

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