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Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited
Type Privately held company
Industry Papermaking
Founded 1996
Headquarters Shouguang, Shandong, People's Republic of China
Area served People's Republic of China
Key people Chairman: Mr. Chen Hongguo
Website Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited

Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited, Chenming Paper (A share:SZSE: 000488, B share:SZSE: 200488, H share:SEHK: 1812) is engaged in the manufacture and sales of paper pulp, papermaking and power generation. It offers art paper, lightweight-coated paper, newspaper paper, paperboard paper, duplex press paper, white paperboard paper and writing paper. It is the largest papermaking enterprise in China. Based in Shouguang, Shandong, China, Chenming Paper is ranked among the top 50 paper producers worldwide by PWC.[1] It is currently the largest paper producer in China by volumes sold. Chenming has approximately 15700 employees from 8 paper mills located at different provinces of China.


The predecessor of Chenming paper, also known as Shouguang state owned paper mill was established in 1958. The mill did not expand its production capacity until 30 years later. In 1988, The company experienced a change of management which was followed by their production reform in hope of expanding the company. In 1993, Chenming took a step further to transform itself from a state owned enterprise to corporation offering its employees the opportunity to take ownership of the company. Inspired by the change, Chenming went into a rapid growth phase buying out many heavily in debt paper mills around China and turned them around by bring in new management skills and advanced western papermaking equipment. In 2000 the company went for its first initial public offering at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Shenzhen, China.[2] After it went public, Chenming committed to the public that it will reinforce the responsible forestry and help to protect the environment. The Chairman of the board, Chen Hongguo, has energized his company to step into the forefront by fully integrating from the forestry operations to papermaking. He has been credited for upstream investment, innovation, and a strong environmental commitment.“In recent years, our company has developed 40,000 ha of plantation forest near Zhanjiang and 66,800 ha of forest in Hubei,” Chen Hongguo says :“For the next stage, we have an accelerated plan to create an integrated industrial chain of forestry, pulp, and paper/board. Zhanjiang Chenming represents a defining step forward for our company.”[3]

Research and Development[edit]

Chenming's R&D centre was established in 1997. It has received the Award of Distinction in 1999 and National Recognition Award in the year 2000. The R&D centre was divided into two departments: papermaking theory research and applied papermaking development. The centre currently employs around 600 R&D personnels.

Board of Directors[edit]

Hongguo Chen, Tongyuan Yin, Feng Li, Fangtong Xing, Bingyu Wu, Huancai Hou, Shaohua Zhou, Zhihe Gang, Yumei Wang, Chengjuang Zhou.

Environmental Issue[edit]

Wuhan Chenming, a subsidiary of Chenming Paper Limited, was discovered that it has used excessive long term illegal sewage to pollute the environment over the years since its inception. Department of environmental protection vowed to investigate and soon suspended its production indefinitely until the issue is solve. Chenming was then subsequently revoked its ISO14001 environmental management certification due to this incident. Ministry of Environment also put Chenming on the blacklist so it will meet more rigorous inspection procedure.[4]


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