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Regions with significant populations
Algeria (Wilaya Tipaza), Chlef, Ouarsenis region.
Berber (Chenoua) , Algerian Arabic
Predominantly Sunni Muslim
Related ethnic groups
View of Mount Chenoua.

The Chenouis – in Berber Ichenwiyen – constitute a Berber population of Algeria numbering more than 300,000 people principally located in Western-Central part of Algeria, an area which begins from Fouka (Wilaya of Tipaza) until Ténès (wilaya of Chlef); their traditional territory includes the province of Tipaza, parts of the Chlef province and the extreme north of the province of Ain Defla, and thus are called in reference to the Mount Chenoua which dominates the city of Tipaza, 70 km west of Algiers.

The Chenoua Mount region, highest point of the Algiers Sahel, is the most eastern part of the Chenoui speaking region going from Fouka (42 km west of Algiers) until Tenès (200 km west of Algiers) or even heading further west till ouled Boughalem in the past. Some people call them the Chelhas of the Tell or even Kabyles of the west.

The Chenoui language which is a Northern Berber language is closely related to the Shawiya language and Zenata varieties spoken by Berbers of the Aures mountains in Eastern Algeria and the Rif region.