Chungnam Provincial Cheongyang College

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Chungnam Provincial Cheongyang College
Location , South Korea
36°26′13″N 126°48′02″E / 36.43699°N 126.80064°E / 36.43699; 126.80064Coordinates: 36°26′13″N 126°48′02″E / 36.43699°N 126.80064°E / 36.43699; 126.80064
Website (Korean)
Chungnam Provincial Cheongyang College
Hangul 청양대학
Revised Romanization Cheongyang Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ŏngyang Taehak

Chungnam Provincial Cheongyang College is the only institution of higher education located in rural Cheongyang County, in South Chungcheong province, South Korea. It is a public technical college, offering instruction in a range of vocational fields. It employs around 23 full-time instructors. The current president is Suh Jai-moon (서재문).


Academic offerings are divided among departments of Civil Engineering, Visual Information Design, Fire Safety Engineering, Display Electronic Engineering, Computer Information, Environmental Health Science, Beauty Coordination, Local Autonomy Administration, Land Administration, and Tourism.


The school opened its doors in 1998, planning for such an institution having begun in 1994.

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