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Song by Dmytro Hnatyuk
Released 1965
Genre Romance
Language Ukrainian
Writer Mykola Yuriychuk
Composer Vasyl Mykhailyuk
Cover versions
Sofia Rotaru

"Cheremshyna" (Ukrainian: Черемшина) is a popular Ukrainian-language song-romance. The song because of its popularity has become a standard. The song was first released in 1965, with music by Vasyl Mykhailyuk and lyrics by Mykola Yuriychuk. The first performer of the song was Dmytro Hnatyuk.

Cheremshyna is a name for the Prunus padus (Bird Cherry) in the Ukrainian language.

Among other performers are Sofia Rotaru, Taisia Povaliy (Ukraine), Kvitka Cisyk (United States), Stepan Pasicznyk (UK), Tatiana Bulanova, Aleksandr Malinin (Russia), and many others.

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