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Cherepovets State University is one of the most significant educational institutions in the Vologda region. It was founded in 1996 on the basis of the Cherepovets State Industrial Institute and Pedagogical Institute. The underlying principles of the university policy are to educate students in such a way that everyone has the opportunity to develop his greatest potential and to lay the ground for achieving success in life.

The present-day generation value education largely as a means of reaching a higher standard of living. The youth believe that the more schooling a person has, the more money he or she will earn. The Cherepovets State University is trying to adapt to the needs of society and reflect the nation’s basic values and ideals.

The Cherepovets State University consists of the following institutes: The Humanities Institute, The Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology, The Institute of Metallurgy and Chemistry, The Institute of Economics and Engineering and the Institute of Extra-Mural Education. The total number of the students at the university is more than 5000. The university graduates various specialists: teachers, economists, managers, programmers, ecologists, technologists, metallurgical, chemical and electric engineers and others.

Admission into the University is based on performance of the Unified State Test. The UST supposedly measures the student’s ability to perform in a university setting. In addition an applicant is required to submit a written application and a school-leaving certificate (or its transcript).

University life is an unforgettable and useful experience. It begins with a solemn ceremony of initiating freshmen into the students. The rector, vice-rectors and deans make fostering speeches and congratulate students on their new status. The monitors hand out student membership cards, student record books and library cards.

First celebrations are followed by days of hard work. The curriculum is rather tough and many academic subjects are put into the timetable. Everyone tries hard to be diligent. Some students must pay tuition fees, the others may receive scholarships. Some enthusiastic and zealous students who want to be engaged in research take a postgraduate course; write Ph.D. theses and later doctoral ones.

The University offers a lot of diverse extra-curricular activities. Among physical activities sport is one of the most popular. Students have different sport facilities at their disposal. Competitions in skiing, basketball, football are held at the University. The University publishes its own newspaper, which usually contains the latest news about the students’ life. If you want to learn more about The Cherepovets State University you can visit its museum in Corky Street, 14.

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