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Cherno More motorway shield

Cherno More motorway
Автомагистрала „Черно море“
Cherno More motorway highlighted in red and yellow
Route information
Length: 10 km (10 mi)
95 km (59 mi) planned
Major junctions
From: Varna
To: Burgas (planned)
Major cities: Varna, Burgas (planned)
Highway system
Motorways in Bulgaria

The Cherno More motorway or the Black Sea motorway (Bulgarian: Автомагистрала „Черно море“, Avtomagistrala "Cherno more") is a Bulgarian motorway planned to link the major coastal cities of Varna and Burgas, passing along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is part of the Pan-European Corridor VIII and is estimated to be 95 km long when finished. As of 2006 10 km of the motorway are completed, from the Asparuhov bridge in Varna to the village of Priseltsi.[1]

The Cherno More motorway is expected to considerably shorten the journey between the two cities, since the traffic is today congested at the passage of the Balkan Mountains between Nesebar and Obzor, especially during the summer season. As part of the Bulgarian motorway network, the motorway is to be linked with the Hemus motorway (A2) at Varna and with the Trakia motorway (A1) at Burgas, both leading to the capital Sofia.[1]

The motorway is not included for financing by the allocated for Bulgaria EU funds, unlike other motorways in the country. In 2011 the National Company "Strategic Infrastructure Projects" was established. One of the main aims of this state-run company is to assess and update all preliminary design works and feasibility studies.[2] In November 2013 the government announced talks to complete the remaining sections of the motorway with a loan from the Chinese Exim bank.[3] The construction works are estimated to cost up to 307 mln euro.[4]

The motorway is named after the Black Sea. "Cherno More" means Black Sea in Bulgarian.


Exit km Destinations Notes
AB-grün.svg AB-AS-blau.svg 0 Varna, Asparuhov Bridge In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 2.6 Asparuhovo In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 9.2 Zvezditsa In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 10.7 Priseltsi In service
10.7 - 103 Priseltsi - Vetren Planned
AB-AS-grün.svg AB-AS-blau.svg 103 Mw A1 BG.svg, Burgas Planned


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