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Cherry Hill is one of the southernmost neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland.


Referred to by residents as "a town within a city" and so being isolated from surrounding neighborhoods, bounded by the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River to the north, the river's main channel to the east, and railroad tracks, including the tracks of the Baltimore Light Rail system, to the west and Baltimore Highlands, Maryland to the south.


Route 29 bus at the Cherry Hill Light Rail Station.

The only roads leading in or out of the neighborhood are Hanover Street, Potee Street, Cherry Hill Road and Waterview Avenue. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) serves the highly populated area with the need for public transportation by bus routes 27, 29 (Cherry Hill Circulator), and 51, and the already noted Baltimore Light Rail at the Cherry Hill light rail stop located on the northwest edge of the neighborhood.


The Cherry Hill neighborhood was developed fairly recently in Baltimore's history. Like Armistead Gardens the community was founded as a home for African-American veterans returning from both World War II and the Korean War. Cherry Hill was originally planned to be located in the area now known as "Armistead Gardens", the first section of public housing was built in 1946... .[1]


Harbor Hospital is based in the eastern edge of the neighborhood.

Cherry Hill is also home to DeBaufre Bakeries, the maker of local icon Berger Cookies.


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