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Cheryl Haworth
Personal information
Born April 19, 1983

Cheryl Ann Haworth (born April 19, 1983 in Savannah, Georgia) is an Olympic weightlifter for the United States.


When Haworth was a toddler, she was very skinny almost to the point where it was unhealthy. At the age of 12, she began weightlifting to strengthen her muscles for softball. Throughout a typical workout, Haworth is able to lift up to 25 tons.[1]


On top of being a professional weightlifter, Haworth is also a notable artist and has a sold a number of paintings for hundreds of dollars.[1]


Haworth's mother and father's names are Shiela and Robert Haworth. She also has two sisters named Katie and Beth Haworth. Her youngest sister Katie is also a champion weightlifter. After retiring from active competition, Cheryl married her longtime girlfriend, Kalen Curtis, on February 28th, 2014.[1]


Haworth obtained her degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.[1]

List of achievements[edit]

  • Bronze Medalist in Olympic Games (2000)
  • Olympic team member (2000 + 2004 + 2008)
  • Junior World Champion (2001 + 2002)
  • Silver Medalist in Junior World Championships (1999)
  • Pan Am Games Champion (1999)
  • Goodwill Games Champion (2001)
  • Senior National Champion (1998–2008)


Strong! is a 2012 documentary by Julie Wyman. It is about Cheryl Haworth's efforts at the end of her career to compete at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.[2]



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