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Chess Icon.png
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Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Stable release 3.0 / July 25, 2012; 20 months ago (2012-07-25)
Operating system OS X
Type Video game
License GNU General Public License

Chess is a chess game for OS X, and its progenitor, OPENSTEP, featuring a high-quality graphical display and support for chess variants such as crazyhouse and suicide chess. Also included are different skins featuring metal, grass, marble and wood (for both chess pieces and chessboard). It is bundled with the OS X operating system and is also distributed as free and open source software on the Apple website.[1]

The Apple Chess front end is a Cocoa application whose drawing code is based on GNOME Chess. It communicates with the Sjeng chess engine which runs in a separate process. In OPENSTEP and OS X up to version 10.2 (Jaguar), Apple Chess used bitmap graphics with a fixed, pseudo-3D, perspective, and used an early version of GNU Chess as the back end engine.

Chess can be also played using voice commands which uses Mac OS X's built-in speech recognition capabilities. Games can be logged using the log feature, which can include information such as names, dates, places, types of game and moves made.

In OS X Mountain Lion, Chess supports Game Center.

Variations of Mac chess[edit]

There are the variations of Mac Chess.

Normal Chess[edit]

Standard Rules


Crazyhouse in Mac Chess is like normal chess but the difference is that captured pieces can become new pieces, and players can drop one of the captured pieces onto the board. A captured piece, for example, black queen, can become a white chess queen.

Mac Chess in the Crazyhouse Variation (with the notations in)


In Suicide, the players have to get their pieces to commit suicide. If a possible capture from a player arises, then the player has to capture the piece. However, the winner is the one who loses all their pieces, even the king.[1]


Like Suicide, except the king rules apply to normal chess, i.e. the chess king is protected.

Black wins in Losers variation

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