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Chess Life
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1946
Company United States Chess Federation
Country United States
Based in Crossville, Tennessee
Language English
ISSN 0197-260X

Chess Life (monthly) and Chess Life for Kids (bi-monthly) are the official chess magazine publications of the United States Chess Federation (USCF). Chess Life reaches more than a quarter of a million readers every month. It focuses on American chess players and tournaments, instruction, human interest, and USCF governance matters. A subscription to Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids is currently one benefit of USCF membership.[1] All members have access to the online versions of Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids (including back issues). USCF members who choose the Senior, Premium Adult, Premium Young Adult, Premium Youth, Premium Scholastic members, Family, Life, Blind, or Prison membership categories also receive printed copies of Chess Life and/or Chess Life for Kids. The magazines contain a newsletters which includes information about upcoming chess tournaments. Members not receiving printed copies of the magazine can request a free bi-monthly newsletter (once every four months for scholastic members). Receiving printed copies of Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids is also currently one of the benefits of being a USCF Affiliate.[2]


Chess Life, February 1968, cover before the merger with Chess Review

The United States Chess Federation was incorporated on December 27, 1939. In the early years, it had no office and no publication. In 1945 and 1946, USCF Annual books were published. In 1946, publication of Chess Life started as a bi-weekly newspaper, usually eight or twelve pages long. In 1961, Frank Brady converted Chess Life to a slick-covered magazine. In 1969, Chess Life merged with Chess Review, the other leading U.S. chess magazine. The magazine was published under the title Chess Life & Review starting with the November 1969 issue until 1980 when it returned to the name Chess Life.

Editors of Chess Life[edit]

  • 05/1946–12/1957 Montgomery Major
  • 01/1958-12/1960 Fred M. Wren
  • 01/1961–12/1961 Frank Brady
  • 01/1962–05/1966 J. F. Reinhardt
  • 06/1966–11/1966 Ed Edmondson and Bill Goichberg
  • 12/1966–––––––– Burt Hochberg and Ed Edmondson
  • 01/1967–10/1979 Burt Hochberg
  • 11/1979–01/1982 Fairfield W. Hoban
  • 02/1982–12/1984 Frank Elley
  • 01/1985–03/1988 Larry Parr
  • 04/1988–––––––– Fairfield W. Hoban
  • 05/1988–07/1989 Don Maddox
  • 08/1989–––––––– Boris Baczynskyj
  • 09/1989–10/1990 Julie Ann Desch
  • 11/1990–10/2000 Glenn Petersen
  • 11/2000–10/2003 Peter Kurzdorfer
  • 11/2003–12/2003 Glenn Petersen
  • 01/2004–03/2005 Kalev Pehme
  • 04/2005–02/2006 Glenn Petersen
  • 10/2005–02/2006 Gerald Dullea
  • 03/2006–present Daniel Lucas

Contributors to Chess Life[edit]

Some of the notable chess authors and players to write for Chess Life:

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