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Chest rub, cold rub, or vapor/vapour rub is a mentholated topical petrolatum-based gel intended to assist with minor medical conditions that temporarily impair breathing, including the common cold. It is applied to the chest, often immediately before sleeping.

Originally formulated by Vicks as its signature product, VapoRub, cold rubs are now manufactured by other pharmaceuticals under various brand names. The word Vicks, and less commonly, VapoRub are still used as genericized references to this product regardless of manufacturer or brand.


A single study of vapor rub found that it improved cough and cold symptoms more than a control in children with the common cold.[1] Side effects included mild irritation of the skin where it was applied.[1] The study was funded by Procter & Gamble, the owner of Vicks.[2]

Other uses[edit]

Due to its menthol content, cold rubs have become a popular home remedy to cool and soothe minor irritation and swelling from mosquito and bedbug bites. It can also be used to make a person's voice deeper by relaxing the muscles in the person's throat.[citation needed]