Chester Bridge

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For the Roman bridge in England, see Chesters Bridge.
Chester Bridge
Chester IL Mississippi River bridge 3324.jpg
Carries 2 lanes of Route 51/ IL 150
Crosses Mississippi River
Locale Perryville, Missouri and Chester, Illinois
Design Continuous truss bridge
Total length 2,826 feet (861 m)
Width 22 feet (7 m)
Longest span 670 feet (204 m)
Clearance below 104 feet (32 m)
Opened August 23, 1942
Coordinates 37°54′11″N 89°50′11″W / 37.90306°N 89.83639°W / 37.90306; -89.83639

The Chester Bridge is a continuous truss bridge connecting Missouri's Route 51 with Illinois Route 150 across the Mississippi River between Perryville, Missouri and Chester, Illinois. The Chester Bridge can be seen in the 1967 film In the Heat of the Night, although in the film a highway sign for the (non-existent) "Arkansas 49" highway appears on the east (Illinois) side of the bridge.

In the 1940s the main span was destroyed by a tornado. The current span was built to replace it on the original piers.

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