Chestnut Ridge Park

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Chestnut Ridge Park
Eternal flame falls 7252.jpg
Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge Park
Type Regional park
Location 6121 Chestnut Ridge Road Orchard Park, NY
Nearest city Buffalo, New York
Coordinates 42°42′50″N 78°45′46″W / 42.7139486°N 78.762808°W / 42.7139486; -78.762808Coordinates: 42°42′50″N 78°45′46″W / 42.7139486°N 78.762808°W / 42.7139486; -78.762808
Area 1,213-acre (4.91 km2)
Created 1925 (1925)
Operated by Erie County, New York
Open All year
Other information 12 tennis courts
Website Chestnut Ridge

Chestnut Ridge Park is a 1,213-acre (4.91 km2) park in Orchard Park, New York,[1] originally named for the chestnut trees on its hills.[2] The park is open year-round and offers tennis, hiking, snowmobiling, and sledding among other activities. A tower facility is also on the premises for firefighter training. During the summer, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra plays at the base of the sled hill, providing an amphitheatre like setting. On a clear day, the sled hill offers views of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Toronto. The Eternal Flame Falls, a small waterfall is located at the park. It is the largest county park in the United States.[3] However, this claim is disputed. Sprague Brook Park, operated by Erie County is less than 15 miles away. It is nearly twice the size at 2200 acres.[1]


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