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Chevé Cave (/ˈv/ CHAY-vay; Spanish: Cueva Chevé) is a deep cave located in the Sierra Juárez mountain range in Oaxaca state, Mexico. As of 2003, its deepest point has been measured at 4,869 feet (1,484 m) deep. It currently holds the distinction of being the deepest cave in the Americas, and one of the deepest caves in the world.[1] Temperatures in Chevé are moderate, ranging from 47 to 52 °F (8 to 11 °C). It has been most thoroughly explored by caver Bill Stone.[2] The cave's deepest known point is nearly one vertical mile and seven horizontal miles from the entrance, ending in a terminal sump.

Hypothesized connection to J2[edit]

J2 is a cave entrance 5 km northeast of the Chevé Cave entrance.[3] It is hypothesized that the two caves may connect.

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Coordinates: 17°51′N 96°48′W / 17.85°N 96.80°W / 17.85; -96.80