Cheviot Wellington Rangi Dillon Bell

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Cheviot Wellington Rangi Dillon Bell (1892–1963) of the Wairarapa was appointed a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council on 27 July 1950.[1]

He was educated at Christ's College and Cambridge University (graduated BA), and trained as a lawyer. In World War I he was in the 10th Royal Hussars and the Royal Flying Corps, and in World War II was Commandant of the RNZAF Training School at Woodbourne.[2]

He was appointed as a member of the suicide squad appointed by the First National Government in 1950 to vote for the abolition of the Council. Most of the new members were appointed on 22 June 1950, but three more members including Bell were appointed on 27 July 1950.

He was a son of Sir Francis Bell, a Reform Party leader and later the first New Zealand-born Prime Minister.


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