Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police

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This article is about the Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police. For general Caprice information, see Chevrolet Caprice.
Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police
Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum August 2013 35 (1991 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police Package).jpg
A 1991 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum in 2013
Manufacturer Chevrolet Division
of General Motors
Body and chassis
Class Full-size
Layout FR layout
Platform B-body

The Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police package was introduced with the 1986 model year for the new base model Caprice. (The Impala sedan was dropped) The 9C1 Caprice was available with the 4.3 L V6 or the 5.7L (350 cid) V8 engine only. Both engines were equipped with the Turbo-hydramatic 700R-4 transmission and a 3.08:1 axle.


In 1986, Michigan State Police tests, the Chevrolet Caprice was competitive with the Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury. The Caprice had the fastest quarter mile times of the three, and the best fuel economy. The Dodge and Plymouth out ran the Caprice in the 0–100 mph times, while it placed last in the road course times. However, there was only a 1/3 second difference between the fastest and slowest on the road course. All four cars were very close in competition for 1986, and there was little performance difference.

For 1987, the 9C1 Caprice remained with few changes. The 350-4bbl engine received a boost in compression, roller lifters and new center bolt valve covers. The 180 hp (134 kW) rating of this engine helped set the Caprice's performance above its competition. The 4.3 L engine remained available, but was marketed towards urban police departments with little need for performance.

Michigan State Police tests had the Chevrolet Caprice beating out its competition from Ford, Dodge and Plymouth in almost every category. The Caprice had the quickest quarter mile times and 0–100 mph times, the highest top speed, the fastest road course time, and the best fuel economy. The Plymouth and Dodge beat out the Chevrolet with shorter braking distances. The 1987 Chevrolet Caprice won the contract for the Michigan State police and would hold this contract until 1996 when the Caprice was discontinued.

For 1988, the 9C1 Caprice was unchanged. Michigan State Police tests proved to be more competitive, with the Ford LTD Crown Victoria showing a strong improvement in performance. The Plymouth and Dodge models continued unchanged and were not competitive with the Chevrolet and Ford. 1988 tests showed the Caprice with the fastest quarter mile and 0–100 mph times, the best fuel economy, the fastest road course time (although it tied with the Ford) and the best ergonomics. The Ford edged out the Chevrolet with a 1 mph (1.6 km/h) faster top speed, and better brakes, but the Chevrolet scored second place for both those categories. Overall the Chevrolet scored the highest in the competition, followed by the Ford, Dodge and Plymouth.

For 1989, the 9C1 Caprice saw some major changes to the drivetrain. All engines were now equipped with throttle-body fuel-injection, and the 305 cu in engine was now added to the option list. The available engines were now the 4.3 L V6, the 305 cu in V8 and the 350 cu in V8. The 4.3 L and 350 engines were equipped with TH700-R4 transmissions while the 305 engine used the TH200-4R transmission. The 4.3 L and the 305 used the 3.08:1 axle ratio, while the 350 powered cars now used a 3.42:1 axle ratio.

The 4.3 L remained at 140 hp (104 kW), while the 305 TBI engine was rated at 170 hp (127 kW), and the 350 TBI engine was rated at 190 hp (142 kW). The 350 powered Caprice did well again at Michigan State Police tests for pursuit rated cars. It had the fastest 0–100 mph, the fastest road course time, the highest top speed and the best fuel economy. The Dodge Diplomat and Ford LTD Crown Victoria outbraked the Caprice, and the Plymouth Fury and Dodge Diplomat had better ergonomics than the Caprice.

1990 was a carry-over year for the 9C1 Caprice with the only major change being door mounted seat-belts. In Michigan State Police tests, the Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury were no longer produced, so the only competition was from the Ford LTD Crown Victoria. The Caprice won all six categories for 1990, having the quickest 0–100 times, the fastest road course times, the best brakes, highest top speed, the best fuel economy and the best interior ergonomics. This was the first time any car had won all six categories in Michigan State Police tests.

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