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The first series Chevrolet Constantia was based on the Australian Holden Brougham (pictured)

The Chevrolet Constantia is an automobile which was marketed by General Motors in South Africa from 1969 to 1978.

First series[edit]

The first series Chevrolet Constantia was introduced in 1969.[1] It was based on the Australian Holden Brougham four-door sedan, but featured a unique frontal treatment and a 4.1-litre (250 cid) Chevrolet six in place of the Brougham’s 5.0-litre V8 engine.[1] The styling changes were undertaken in GM's Port Elizabeth studios in South Africa [2] and the model was locally produced.[3]

AQ Series[edit]

The AQ series Constantia was introduced in 1972 and was based on another Australian design, the Statesman HQ.[4] Again, frontal styling was different from the Australian model, this time featuring a unique grille based on the 1970 Chevrolet Malibu.[2] The restyling work was a joint effort undertaken in Australia.[2]

AJ Series[edit]

The revised AJ series Constantia was marketed in South Africa from 1975 to 1978.[4] It was offered as a four-door sedan, based on the Statesman HJ [4] and as a five-door wagon, [4] based on the Holden HJ wagon. The AJ Series was offered with a 4.1-litre (250 cid) six and a 5.0-litre (308cid) V8.[5]


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