Chevrolet Series AA Capitol

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Chevrolet Series AA Capitol
1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA Touring BGC77.jpg
Manufacturer Chevrolet Division
of General Motors
Production 678,540
Model years 1927
Assembly Oakland Assembly, Oakland, California
North Tarrytown Assembly, Tarrytown, New York
Flint Assembly, Flint, Michigan
Norwood Assembly, Norwood, Ohio
St. Louis Assembly, St. Louis, Missouri
Oshawa Assembly, Oshawa, Ontario Canada
Body and chassis
Platform GM A platform
Related Oakland
Engine 171 cu in (2.8 L) 4-cylinder
Transmission 3-speed manual
Wheelbase 103 in (2,616.2 mm)
Curb weight 1,895–2,275 lb (860–1,032 kg)
Predecessor Chevrolet Superior Series V
Successor Chevrolet Series AB National

The Chevrolet Series AA Capitol (or Chevrolet Capitol) is an American vehicle manufactured by General Motors' Chevrolet division in 1927. Launched in the year Ford changed from the Model T to the Model A, Chevrolet sold 678,540 Series AA cars,[1] and would help Chevrolet challenge Ford’s dominance in the market.[2]


1927 GMC commercial series truck
1927 Chevrolet truck

Available in eight body styles, the bodywork was very similar to the 1926 Chevrolet Superior Series V and 1925′s Superior Series K. The chassis and platform were also used to built Chevrolet and GMC trucks.


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