Chevrolet Stylemaster

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Chevrolet Stylemaster
Flickr - DVS1mn - 47 Chevrolet Stylemaster.jpg
1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster Coupe
Manufacturer Chevrolet
Production 1946 to 1948 model years [1]
Assembly United States [1]
Australia [2]
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door sedan [1]
4-door sedan [1]
2-door coupe [1]
2-door sedan delivery [3]
2-door coupe utility (Australia) [2]
Layout FR layout
Related Chevrolet Fleetmaster [1]
Engine 216.5 cu in (3.5 L) I6 [1]
Transmission 3 speed manual [1]
Wheelbase 116 in (2,946 mm) [1]
Length 197.75 in (5,023 mm) [1]
Predecessor Chevrolet Master Deluxe [1]
Successor Chevrolet Special [1]

The Chevrolet Stylemaster is an automobile which was produced by the Chevrolet in the United States for the 1946, 1947 and 1948 model years.[1]


The Series DJ Stylemaster was introduced as the base trim level model in the 1946 Chevrolet range, along with the top level Series DK Chevrolet Fleetmaster.[1] The Stylemaster, which was essentially an updated 1942 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, [1] was powered by a 216.5 cu in (3.5 L) Straight-six engine driving through a 3 speed manual transmission.[1] It was offered in 2-door Town Sedan, 4-door Sport Sedan, 2-door Business Coupe and 2-door 5-Passenger Coupe models,[4] the Business Coupe differing from the 5-Passenger Coupe in having a front seat only.[1]


The 1947 Series 1500 EJ Stylemaster was little changed from its predecessor, the most notable visual difference being a new radiator grille with a more horizontal theme.[1]

1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster Town Sedan


The 1948 Series 1500 FJ Stylemaster was again little changed from the previous year.[1] There were no significant body alterations, however the radiator grille featured a vertical centre bar.[1] A Club Coupe was now offered [5] replacing the 5-Passenger Coupe of 1947.[6]

1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan


For the 1949 model year the Stylemaster was replaced by the 1500 GJ Series Chevrolet Special, offered in Styleline and Fleetline sub-series.[1]

Australia production[edit]

The Chevrolet Stylemaster was also produced by General Motors-Holden's in Australia.[2] As Holden had carried over the body tooling from its 1942 models, the Australian sedan differed from its US counterpart in having a different body with rear-hinged back doors and a larger trunk.[7] The grilles fitted to the Australian models were the same as those used on the US models.[8] Australian production included a coupe utility, which was, like the sedan, produced in 1946, 1947 and 1948 models.[2]

Australian produced 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster 4-door sedan
Australian produced 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster Utility


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