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Cheyenne is the name of a catamaran owned by Virgin Oceanic and operated by Virgin Oceanic's co-founder Chris Welsh. Cheyenne, formerly named PlayStation was owned and operated by Steve Fossett. In 2001 Fossett and his crew crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 4 days and 17 hours establishing a new world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sail vessel.[1]

In 2006, Cheyenne's mast broke due to severe weather off the coast of Argentina. Cheyenne was converted to a power catamaran and underwent significant changes and became the mothership for Virgin Oceanic's deep sea exploration mission called 5 Dives.


  • Transatlantic record of in a time of 4 days, 17 hours, 28 minutes, and 6 seconds in October 2001, with a total distance of 2,925 nautical miles (5,417 km) at an average speed of 25.78 knots.[2]
  • The 24 hour distance run of 687.17 nautical miles (1,272.64 km) at an average speed of 28.63 knots in 2001.[3]
  • The round the world sailing record of 58 days 9 hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds in 2004. PlayStation was renamed Cheyenne in 2003, prior to setting this record.[4]

The former records have all been broken.

Virgin Oceanic[edit]

In 2009 Cheyenne was purchased by Chris Welsh from the estate of Steve Fossett. Plans are to launch a deep sea submarine to carry passengers to extreme ocean depths. The deep sea adventure will be supported by Cheyenne, and will use the HOT DeepFlight Challenger sub[5] to plumb the depths of the worlds oceans to full depth.[6][7] Both of these were owned by Steve Fossett, who had modified the racing catamaran to become the mothership to his oceanic dive record attempt.[6] The submarine seats one person, and is currently the only manned submersible capable of reaching the deepest part of the oceans.[7]

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