Cheyenne Mountain massif

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This article is about the landform. For namesakes, see Cheyenne Mountain (disambiguation).
Cheyenne Mountain
Cheyenne Mountain.jpg
The eastward spur of Cheyenne Mountain has a NORAD military installation (excavations for roads, parking etc. at bottom). Blue Mountain is in the background (upper left).
Elevation 9,564 ft (2,915 m)[1]
Location El Paso County, Colorado, U.S.
(massif partially in Pike National Forest
and Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Range Front Range, Rocky Mountains

4 GNIS-designated points (N-S):[1]
    38°46′05″N 104°52′06″W / 38.76806°N 104.86833°W / 38.76806; -104.86833
     38°45′28″N 104°52′00″W / 38.75778°N 104.86667°W / 38.75778; -104.86667 (The Horns)[2]
    38°44′44″N 104°52′10″W / 38.74556°N 104.86944°W / 38.74556; -104.86944
    38°44′14″N 104°52′51″W / 38.73722°N 104.88083°W / 38.73722; -104.88083 (highest)Coordinates: 38°44′14″N 104°52′51″W / 38.73722°N 104.88083°W / 38.73722; -104.88083 (highest)
east summit with antenna farm:
   38°44′45.0″N 104°51′38.9″W / 38.745833°N 104.860806°W / 38.745833; -104.860806[3] prominence point (saddle) for massif:
   38°44′03″N 104°53′42″W / 38.73417°N 104.89500°W / 38.73417; -104.89500 (prominence saddle) (at FS 368)
      ~8,370 ft (2,550 m)[4]

Triple point between the mountain and the northward & eastward spurs
   38°44′50″N 104°52′02″W / 38.747122°N 104.867206°W / 38.747122; -104.867206

Cheyenne Mountain is a summit near Pikes Peak[1] and colloquially (e.g., mountaineering) the entire massif which has its western portion in the Pike National Forest. The eastward massif spur toward Fort Carson has numerous namesakes for the summit to the west, including the "Cheyenne Mountain antenna farm" on a separate summit and below, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. On the northward spur of both the Cheyenne Mountain summit and the antenna farm summit is The Horns, a summit at the end of the namesake Cheyenne Mountain Road. On the north slope foothills are Colorado Springs neighborhoods (e.g., "Broadmoor" and "Stratton Meadows"),[5] and a southern extent of the city (Colfax Terrace) is east of the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker and along the Veterans Memorial Highway (Colorado 115.svg).

The massif of Cheyenne Mountain is bounded on the north by Cheyenne Creek and on the west by a portion of South Cheyenne Creek and one of its branches along Old Stage Road (former railbed). Cheyenne Mountain is bounded on the south by Rock Creek[disambiguation needed].[6]


Notable places of the eastern area and its foothill slopes are (north-to-south):