Cheyenne Mountain Division

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Cheyenne Mountain Division
Cheyenne Mountain.jpg
Cheyenne Mountain AFS includes the serpentine access road (NORAD Rd, left-to-right) to the parking area (right of center) near the tunnel entrance (small black rectangle). NORAD Rd provides access to the south portal road (diagonally toward left) and to a SH 115 interchange (not shown) on the west side of Fort Carson. As with Pennsylvania's Site R, the bunker has a ventilation outlet (upper right of center). Southwest is Blue Mountain (upper left).[1]
Active July 28, 2006 - present
Country United States, Canada
Type North American Aerospace Defense Command unit
Size tbd
Anniversaries 2006[when?] (began "warm standby")

The Cheyenne Mountain Division is a joint and binational military organization at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station[2] in the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker. The Division is responsible for several centers collecting data from a worldwide surveillance network of satellites, radars, and other sensors for year-round processing in real time.[citation needed] The centers include the Air Warning Center, Missile Correlation Center, Systems Center, Weather Center, and the Command Center. The Division maintains a skeleton crew at the Cheyenne Mountain facility as a "warm standby"[3] to a joint NORAD-NORTHCOM center[4] at Peterson Air Force Base which conducts the day-to-day operations once done at the Cheyenne complex.

Over 200 men and women from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Canadian Forces work at the facility.[citation needed]

Previous designations[edit]

  • Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center in 1966[5]
  • Cheyenne Mountain Complex by 1987[5]
  • Cheyenne Mountain Directorate until 2006[6]


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