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Chez Hotels Inc.
Type Marketing cooperative
Industry Hotels
Founded 1992 (1992)
Founder(s) R.C. Young
Headquarters New York City, New York, United States
Area served United States of America
Key people Ronald Wells, President and CEO
Revenue US$ 12 million (2006)
Operating income US$ 1 million loss (2004)
Net income US$ 2 million loss (2004)
Members 146 (135 Current + 7 Under construction + 4 Planned)
Employees 3000 approx. (2006)
Website Many (each location has own Site)

Chez Hotels Inc. is a recently started hotel chain, with 146 (135 Current + 7 Under construction + 4 Planned)hotels in all 50 States of the USA.

Unlike other chains, which are often a mix of company-owned and franchised units, each Chez hotel is an independently owned and operated franchise in fact each hotel is named after the last name of the person(s) who own it such as Chez Martin, Chez Young, Chez Reagan. Chez Hotels Inc. do not offer franchises in the traditional sense (where both franchisee and franchisor are operating for-profit), however. Rather, Chez Hotels Inc. operates as a nonprofit membership association, with each franchisee acting and voting as a member of the association.

Chez Hotels began in the early 1990s, founded by French people who immigrated from St. Pierre (off the Coast of Newfoundland). They became popular in California, New York State, and Maine. Some hotels were started in Canada and France as well.

Chez Hotels pulled out of Canada and France early in 2005, after deciding that they were not generating enough money. Seven properties remain in Canada operating under Delta Hotels and Five properties in France but are operating under Best Western. Canada had at its peak 120 properties in the chain and France had 44.