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The Chez Paree was a Chicago nightclub, which opened in 1932 and closed in 1960. Located in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago at 610 N. Fairbanks Court, the club was host to many great entertainers, ranging from singers to comedians to vaudeville acts.[1] A "new" Chez Paree opened briefly in the mid-1960s on 400 N. Wabash Avenue and was seen in the film Mickey One with Warren Beatty.

The Chez Paree was originally opened in 1932 by Mike Fritzel and Joe Jacobson. After reported financial problems operating the large club, it was sold to a group of partners in 1949; Jack Schatz,[2] Don Jo Medlevine, Al Kaiser (not the MLB player), and Dave Halper.

At the height of Chicago mob influence, the Chez Paree was noted for having been frequented by many of the recognizable mob names of that era. The address is now home to a real estate development firm called Schatz Development and an Internet-based apartment listing service known as Domu.

Artists who performed at Chez Paree included:



Dancers/Other Celebrities


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