Chișinău Railway Station

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Chişinău Railway Station

Chişinău railway station (Кишинёв) is the principal railway station serving Chişinău, Moldova. It is located in a central area, on 1 Aleea Garii Street, not far from the centre of the city.


As of 29th Jan 2011, in addition to local trains, the following capital cities are served from Chisinau: Bucharest, Kiev, Moscow (all daily) & Minsk (Tue, Fri, Sun) & Warsaw (Mon, Wed, Fri). Daily trains also run to St.Petersburg and Odessa.[1]



Coordinates: 47°00′45″N 28°51′35″E / 47.01250°N 28.85972°E / 47.01250; 28.85972