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Chib Rajput
चिब राजपूत , چب راجپوت
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The Chibs are mostly either a Muslim Rajput Clan or a Hindu Rajput Cast
Regions with significant populations
Pakistan • India
Allah-green.svg Islam • Om.svg Hinduism

The Chib (Chibb, Chibh) (Hindi: चिब, Urdu, Potwari: چب) are a dogra Chandravanshi Rajput, or clan found in the northern parts of India and Pakistan or a Hindu Jatt Clan of Jammu and Kashmir. They are mostly a Kashmiri tribe. The majority of Chib Rajput have accepted Islam, while some still remained Hindus and a very few are Sikhs. After independence in 1947, nearly all Muslim Chib migrated to Pakistan from the Indian areas, while Hindu Chibs moved to India. A Chib Rajput is considered a person from a very respected caste (Hindus) or clan (Muslims).

Recent history[edit]

The Muslim Chibs supported the English during the mutiny against British rule in the Jhelum Cantonment which was in rebellion. When the mutineers were half way across the Jhelum river on an island, the Chibs and the British attacked and defeated the mutineers.[1]

The Chibs, as a reward for their service to the British received the honorary title of 'Raja'. [1]


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