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Chica Vampiro is a teen telenovela produced by RCN Television. It is an original story written by Argentinian Marcela Citterio, who has written hits like Amor en Custodia, Patito Feo, Braveheart and Aurora, among others. The young couple starring in the telenovela is composed of Greeicy Rendón (es) and Santiago Talledo. Through Latin America, the serie is broadcast by Nickelodeon Latin America.


Daisy O'Brain (Greeicy Rendon) is a normal girl who dreams of a singing career in musical comedy but although, her parents are vampires. In her family tradition, the person decide to become a vampire or not when it turn 16 years old. When she turn sixteen, Daisy decides to stay as human to live next to her love, Max (Santiago Talledo), who is her neighbor and classmate.

However, that same day, a fatal accident changes her life forever. The doctor say to her parents that she is not going to make it. So her parents decide to bite their daughter to save her, turning Daisy into a vampire. Making the only mortal in the family is her younger brother, Vicente. From that moment, Daisy take a double life full of risks, where she must attend a human school, hiding her nature, and also, go to school for vampire, classes for newly bitten vampires.


Description of the Character[edit]

Greeicy Rendón is Daisy O'Brain[edit]

Just turned 16 years, with a peculiar and unconventional beauty. Although more educated and brighter than your old world happily enjoy teenager who belongs. Loves to sing, dance and act, and what's left is talent. she is an artist, witty, impatient and often ironic. After the accident discovers that she has become a vampire girl, and her life changes forever. Is in love with Max, but doubt's about telling max that she's a girl vampire because she fears his reaction. Buy a power that many young people want to have: invisibility.

Lorena Garcia is Marilyn[edit]

Daisy's classmate, lives in constant competition with her, it is sent because it understands the like all fall exhausted at that girl. Is in love with Max, but unfortunately for her, he wants Daisy. She can sing and dance very well. It despot, arrogant, capricious, explosive, calculating, careerist, liar, manipulative. Always wants attention. Dress up fashion and put in financial hardship for his mother, because his family did not really have the money to be so many luxuries.

Jacqueline Arenal is Ana O'Brain[edit]

Daisy's mom. A vampire of over 300 years ago. Mother is a woman and unpredictable. She hates routine, so always inventing something to help cope with her marriage of many years. She stressed easily. She is jealous with her husband when it comes to Catherine, who was her best friend until Ulysses choose Ana as her wife. Her frustration is not knowing who is her father. Her mother, Maria, has not wanted to tell the secret. She is a dentist for vampires in the mortal world, and her power is telekinesis.

Juan Pablo Obregón is Ulysses O'Brain[edit]

He is Daisy's father. He adores his wife Ana, whom he met 300 years ago, when he was a mortal man and left bite for love. He's a good father towards his children, that is always in need, but is jealous, not only with his wife but with Daisy too. He is a scientist and invent all kinds of products for vampires live in the Human World. For this reason, he is highly respected and hated in the Vampire World. His power: Hypnosis.

Linda Lucia Callejas is Maria[edit]

Maria is Daisy's grandmother. She is a six hundred years vampire. It's a vampire for 500 years and live all these years, has led to a woman who does not shut anything and everything and everyone faces. It is far from being the classic tales granny. While Anna's mother, the reality is that it looks like her sister. Live breaking the rules. It's almost as mischievous as Vicente. Very amorous, her love was Count Dracula. Her power: the humans sleeping with just a faint click and the vampires.

Erick Torres is Vicente[edit]

Daisy's younger brother. Sympathetic, inventor, witty, and highly pampered glutton, which uses to manipulate his family to get what he wants. His interventions are most disparate but always from the place you think work well. It Run very fast when his in trouble it causes. It is very curious and restless, a magnet for accidents. He admires his sister Daisy, who has the typical love/hate between brother and sister.

José Angel Mezones is Jorge[edit]

He is the brother of Daisy and Vampire Girl Vicente in February. Simpatico is cheerful and affectionate parents Ana and Ulises O'Brian McLaren had it for Vicente will be formed with a brother Mortal. But Juliet's best friend Vincent fell in love with him and bites and Vicente stays Devastated but wants Mutually brother.

Viviana Navas is Lynette[edit]

She is the mother of Max. She is modern, vain, and nosy. Maintains a relationship with her unloving husband, for convenience and custom. Frivolous and superficial, what matters most for her is the external beauty. She adores creams and beauty treatments, clothes and social events, and jewelry. Always concerned by the success of Max and Belinda, her other daughter; the neglected and even forgets that it exists. Live attached to the window of her house by watching Daisy's house. She dreams on discovering the secret of the strange youth and beauty of her neighbors, Ana and María.

Gustavo Angel is Alvaro[edit]

He is Max's father. A cosmetic surgeon, hyper careful of their image. Fashion Dress, always tan and using high-tech products. He loves to live comfortably, dreams of his bachelor life for the peace, it does not support that Lynette scold by disorder, not to let him hold meetings with his friends to proofread everything he do. The relationship with his children is rather distant, economically supports them all, but only of their lives pending matters.

Rafael Taibo is Dracula[edit]

A real hunk. Infidel by kindness: women do not want to stay with the desire and be sad for him. You cannot with his genius. It is arrogant and cocky to the point. There is no one better than him, the Count, the only, the irresistible, the incomparable. He is admired in the Vampire World as a single and enjoy celebrity leadership. His super power is to enter another's body like that.

Norma Nivia is Catalina[edit]

It is a 300-year-old vampire, mother of Mirco and Juliet. Stunning, smart, manipulative, calculator, safe, overprotective. In the past, she and Ann were best friends, until they met Ulysses and the two fell madly in love with him. But he fell in love with Ana and it was for her to become a vampire. Since then became his worst enemy. As separate, will want to win at all costs Ulysses for the next three hundred years to live with him. His power: read the thoughts of others

Estefany Escobar is Lucia[edit]

Best friend and confidante Daisy. It alone knows the secret of her and her family, but that is far from scaring the vampire admires it. Is fan and knows all about them. His room is decorated with posters, books and vampire environment. Moreover, his dream is to become a vampire some day. Mirco He falls in love, but he only has eyes for Daisy. It's funny, active, positive, cheerful, spontaneous, enterprising. Daisy Expert shows the problems but sometimes it comes out all wrong.

Vanessa Blandon is Belinda[edit]

Max's younger sister. It is a typical teenager submissive, insecure, low self-esteem. Very impressionable and naive. Marilyn, her supposed best friend, the 'use' at will, almost without mercy, but Belinda admires and follows in all his crazy ideas. The evil it does to Daisy, it's because of her friend who handles it, but then it gets really sad remorse, as indirectly affecting his brother Max.

David Prada is Alejandro[edit]

Max's great friend and confidante, which is always to help you in good times and in bad. It is cheerful, talkative, funny, but a little awkward when it comes to making friends, so always asks Max to take the initiative with the girls. Belinda feels an attraction, but it shows very little, but if he cares for her every time he sees one and knows he has a fight with her friend Marilyn. He likes sports, music, dancing, going out with friends, video games.

Juliet Aguirre is giulietta[edit]

Mirco sister, daughter Catherine. It's a 'girl' vampire but actually has more than 100 years. Cute, funny, intelligent, mysterious, a little lonely. It has almost no friends, so he retreats to the internet, where he meets Vincent and later becomes his partner in mischief. Has the power to walk through walls.

Susana Posada is Zaira[edit]

Vampira for over 100 years. Mirco's best friend. She loves him deeply and hopes the time he pays attention to her. She is coordinator and professor in the school of vampires. Sing and dance very well. It is bold, cool, noble. His power: can leave humans and vampires on pause, like statues and is learning to turn back time.

Constanza Hernandez is Noelia[edit]

The maid Daisy Family. Friendly with who likes him, helpful when you want, funny, adventurous and somewhat clueless. I always forget that you must keep up appearances with guests about being a vampire and food tastes. Geographically misplaced lives. Everything about her is very special. Will Buddy Maria, Vicente and Juliet. It has super strength.

Nik Salazar is Benjamin[edit]

Daisy classmate. Cheerful, positive, determined, cheerful collaborator. Your goal is to get in the Guinness Book of Records as place, so different tasks permanently is unusual, but when you will achieve something always prevents it. It has a good relationship with all its classmates, but she prefers above all is to Daisy.

David Carrasco is Pericles[edit]

Daisy partner school in the mortal world. I love food, is his obsession. Oopsy, playful, cheerful, reckless, funny, restless, curious, scattered, fearful and very inquisitive. It crashes yet covers everything, everything that gets broken. Do not know how to dance, but loves and believes it is his best technique of conquest. Your crush is Marilyn, although she is not determined at all.

Maia Landaburu is Professor Pavlova[edit]

Hailing from Ukraine, Elizabeth Pavlova is the musical teacher at school who are Daisy and Max. Impatient and demanding. No mercy with their students. You want everything to go perfectly, but ironically bitter when you have nothing to criticize their apprentices.

German Escallón is Francisco Agudelo[edit]

It is the rector of the College Palermo, who are Daisy and Max. Always wears a suit and never sweatshirt. Cosy as could be, especially with Professor Pavlova. It's a bit greedy and believes that as they say, 'money means the people'. I say 'Pachito'.


  • RCN executive producer: Nelly Ordoñez C.
  • General producer televideo: Stella Morales G.
  • Original idea and booklets: Marcela Citterio
  • Authorial collaboration: Teresa Donato, Andrés Rapoport, Julieta Steinberg.
  • Director general: Toni Navia.
  • Directors: William Barragan Angel Ordoñez and Andrew Bierman.
  • Assistant director: Carlos Alberto Ramirez.
  • Special effects director: Andres Valencia.
  • Editor conceptual: Catalina Garcia Ariza.
  • Production design and art: Lucas Jaramillo Velez.
  • Art director: Germán Losada Perdomo.
  • Art coordinator: Rosa Cristina Sarmiento Galvis.
  • Costume designer: Alejandra Ruiz.
  • Designers make: Jannet Ana López Ferrero Rebolledo and Escobar.
  • Choreographer: Gina M. Collazos
  • Teacher performance: Maia Landaburu.
  • Preparation vocal / music interpretation: Juanita Delgado.
  • Letter and original music: Letter Alberto Lucas and Manuel Wirzt
  • Incidental music producer: Alejandro Gomez.

International Broadcast[edit]

United States[edit]

Currently airs Saturday afternoons on MundoFox


Elastic Rights will be responsible for managing the rights to the series (TV, Video, Marketing & Licensing, Internet, Promotions, Events) in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal Greece and Turkey. The company is currently involved in the first phase of development of a strategic plan tailored to "Vampire Girl". The series began to be filed after NAPTE already has several proposals in different territories. The series is broadcast on Boing in Italy and Spain and will be broadcast starting September 2014 on Nickelodeon in the Netherlands.[1]

Latin America[edit]

The serie was premiered in September 23, 2013 on Nickelodeon Latin America, and was aired in all latin-american countries, except for Brazil, until April 10, 2014.

In July 2014, it was confirmed that they will broadcast the series in the children's segment Atómico by Venevisión in Venezuela.


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