Chicago Socialist Party

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Chicago Socialist Party
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1896 (1896)
Headquarters Chicago IL
Ideology Democratic socialism
National affiliation Socialist Party USA
Colors Red
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Chicago Socialist Party (CSP) is the local chapter of the Socialist Party USA in Chicago, Illinois and traces its origins back to the Cook County Socialist Party. It is a democratic socialist organization that supports numerous progressive, radical causes in an effort to help build a broad-based, multi-tendency progressive movement.

According to records at the University of Illinois at Chicago Library "The Cook County Socialist Party was founded in 1896 as a response to the Pullman strike in Chicago. It held its first convention two years later. In 1901 it joined with other socialists parties in the state to form the Socialist Party of Illinois. The state party affiliated with the national party and its leader Eugene Debs and grew in membership throughout the first two decades of the twentieth century but declined after World War One."[1]

In 2005 the CSP's charter was suspended due to several officers not paying their dues and who later left the Party. The charter was later reinstated once a functioning Local Executive Committee of members in good standing was elected.[2]


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